Zashadu “The Brand”

Zashadu “The Brand”

For years, there are reasons why leather has always been a popular material to work with, including its durability, stylish appearance and versatility.

Zashadu is a leading British/ Nigerian sustainable luxury brand that specialises in handcrafted leather pieces.
Zashadu work with local sourced leather, farmed exotic skins and rough cut precious stones set in brass.

Nigerian designer, Zainab Ashadu is Creative Director at ‘Zashadu’ who has a diverse background encompassing in Art curatorship, architecture, acting and fashion styling.

Her modern, colourful creations use the ancient Art of tanning and leather-dyeing from northern Nigerian
Zainab Ashadu fell in love with clutch bag belonging to her mother when she was younger. She has since honed her craft at London College Of Fashion.

Zashadu operates in the commercial hub of Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, by a team that benefit from traditional techniques passed down through generations by q community of local artisans.

In creating amazing pieces, Zashadu leathers come from the north’s biggest city,Kano and goatskin from ancient northwest city of Sokoto, as well as python skin from snake farm in the region.

Zashadu creates bespoke accessories which have won a small but loyal following locally. In which private sales have been held in unexpected locations. The brand which is marketed online and has established partnership with boutiques in London, Dublin, Miami and Johannesburg.

At the Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017, Zashadu was honoured and received the award of ‘Accessories Designer Of The Year’.

Zashadu explore tension between quiet and elegance and unabashed glamour.

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