We Want The Youths To Know

We Want The Youths To Know

I haven’t stayed in Lagos for a complete month this year (2018). Definitely I miss the pop up events full of good vibes, networking, amazing atmosphere, beautiful faces and opportunities.

What better time to attend one when a close friend and work partner is exhibiting his works for the first time? Why not go show love and support knowing the benefits that comes with it?

It was 1st Of August 2018 when ‘We Want The Youths To Know’, a three days event kicked off  at TerraKulture Victoria Island, Lagos; themed Success Stories. A Canon sponsored event.

A lot of creative minds were in the house including those who came in to exhibit, show support, hangout and more. It’s my kind of party.

The popular celebrity photographer TY Bello was live on stage, gave a speech on the journey to becoming a photographer, sharing her success story with the audience as the theme of the event says.

I couldn’t catch any; Lagos Danfo made me miss her talks. The clips I watched were just not enough! I didn’t miss out on all the fun though. I met some old friends during the recess to reminisce and catch up with what had been happening in everyone’s life.

After the recess, a canon representatives who is also a photographer talked about camera innovations, tips on what camera works best for a genre making, difference between DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras clear.
It was a worthwhile experience as the walk to networking in this creative space continued.

So here I grabbed something to share on;

You might have been wondering what it takes on shooting portraits and getting an amazing outcome,

here are steps on…

Creating Stunning Portraiture

  1. Alter your perspective
    2. Play with eye contact
    3. Break the rules and composition
    4. Experiment Light
    5. Move your subject out of the comfort zone
    6. Shoot candidly
    7. Introduce a prop
    8. Focus on one body part; Get closer
    9. Obscure part of the subject
    10. Take a series of shots

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