Two Trends To Be On The Look Out For

Two Trends To Be On The Look Out For

Dear reader,

I have searched all the possible sites and watched several videos of fashion week for the best trends I could find, I found a lot but i wasn’t satisfied so i looked some more and ended up sitting on this article for approximately two days, i was about to just give up and write about something else till i realized what i was searching for was right in my face the whole time; Puffed jackets and Pleated skirts.


Puffed jackets as we all know has been around for a long time and will be here for as long as possible even till when I can afford to buy one from Aritzia and wear it in a more suitable country and weather condition. Puffed Jackets are the new thing of the moment and we are going to be seeing lots of it till the end of the year and i don’t know if you can tell but this makes me so excited even though i won’t be wearing one, it’s way too hot here, i am pretty satisfied seeing it on y’all.


Well, pleated skirts are just pleated skirts, super adorable and versatile. Honestly, i have never been the skirt type of girl, you will never see me in skirts, i don’t even think i have ever bought one for myself, probably from my mom, sisters or friends but i have always had a thing for pleated skirts especially mini pleated skirts. I believe that this is just one of those trends you can’t ignore and it is so perfect for the fall season.

                                                         Thank you for reading, Xo Tundun

                                                      Pictures were all gotten from pinterest.

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