Traveling For Light Holiday

Traveling For Light Holiday

It’s that period of the year where most of us want to visit places with family and friends, go on ‘baecation’ with that one special person within days or weeks.

For me personally packing is a major task when it’s time for the family vacation but learning my sister’s secret I have learnt how not to overload or over pack.

Hard to believe that just few years back, pretty much only people wearing backpacks were mostly school kids as it was considered most appropriate for them. Reasons unknown, these double strapped receptacle were always far too functional to be considered fashionable but guys, who said rules can’t be broken?

The man’s luggage landscape in an altogether different place and these practical bags have once again the golden standard.

Going on vacation is fun most times, and it’s not in every instance of traveling that we always back a big box containing half of everything we own, at these times it becomes essential to travel light… So why not to do with absolutely stylish backpack?

When it comes to packing, people tend to fill space they have. Simplest way to pack less is to go by the rules.

1. Take Your Best Things
2. Roll, Don’t Fold
3. Wear All Your Accessories
4. Pack Your Lightest Pair Of Shoes
5. Be a minimalist with toiletries

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