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Top Nigerian Designers


Without mincing words, Nigeria is one of the top countries in Africa when we are talking about fashion. It was revealed that numerous fashion designers in Nigeria had built their fashion brands, and not only that, they utilized their skills in promoting the country’s culture across the

We live in fashion, and it is part of the main reason why Nigeria is a fashion powerhouse beyond the African continent.! Many designers from Nigerian have won accolades for their outstanding work and their roles in showing the Nigerian culture and diversity.

Let’s see the top  Nigerian designer in 2021:

Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe counts as one of the top Nigerian designers. She went into the fashion world in 1989 as she has so much gathered fame in local and international figures.

The Nigerian designer always showcases her talent and skills in creating vibrant designs. Deola has a master’s degree in finance and management.

She rose into stardom after designing a colourful piece for her mother. The majority admire the design, and since then, she has been designing many beautiful dresses, polo, jeans, menswear, and many more for various clients and brands.

She has won multiple fashion awards, including the Anglo-Gold African fashion design award in 2000. Her fashion brand is House of Deola Sagoe, where all works are made and distributed.

Folake Folarin Coker

The founder of Tiffany Amber is Folake Folarin Coker, a world-famous label.

Coker began her journey in Lagos in 1998, was born in Lagos and schooled in Europe (England, Scotland and Switzerland), where she got an avenue to interact and engage with different cultures at a young age.

Folake has a master’s degree in Petroleum Law from Switzerland, but the exciting thing is that she became a fashion designer. Though her curiosity towards fashion and culture steered her love to aim at unique fashion designs that appeal to women of many and preferences.

She was hardworking, and her colourful designs have earned her global recognition. It made her the first African fashion designer to showcase her talent at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week two years in a row; what a great job.

Aside from that, Folake has also been featured by international media houses like CNN, and in 2013, she also got Enterprise Award at WIE (Women, Inspiration and Enterprise) symposium.

And she made it to the Forbes Power Woman in Africa list.

Duro Ojowu

Duro Ojuwu was born and raised in Lagos, later went to study in London at the age of 16, and his a graduated of law at the University of Kent.

He mainly focused on styling and designing women’s wear showing rich textures and mixed colours of his designs.  Duro first launched his brand in 2004 and sold across the world. Since that breakthrough, he has attracted various local and international fans like Solange Kolawole, Apfel, and
Michael Obama.

He has many awards, including the 2005 British and American Vogue Dress and the African Fashion Award as the Best International Designer.

Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is considered a self-made Nigerian fashion designer for creatively fusing traditional West African fabrics with modern tailoring techniques.

She is famous and has a unique brand, Jewel by Lisa, which she launched in 2005. The label has become a global fashion brand with showrooms in New York and Nigeria.

What she does is make use of Ankara, a traditional West African fabric, to create
attractive and luxurious custom prints.!
In addition, Lisa also has a fabric line that produces accessories like jewellery and purses.!

Line J Label, her diffusion line, showcases the best of Nigerian culture by incorporating Afropop with tasteful urban designs. Her celebrity fans include Tasha Smith, Beyonce, Kelis, and Eve.

Zizi Cardow

Zizi Cardow owns Zizi fashion label. She is award-winning, and as part of that, she stands as a mentor to other designers out there. Zizi’s fashion attracts both Nigeria with international appeal.

She began to famous in 2006 after her fashion shows that show which she titled Jungle Renaissance.

Ever since then, Zizi has designed and styled different types of traditional Ankara prints in Lagos for a woman.

However, her incredible work has starred numerous local and international media ranging
from CNN to FTV to SABC.

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