Tips On How To Define Your Style This Summer

Tips On How To Define Your Style This Summer

It’s summer time and I’m staying fresh on my level. Yeah, you should as well. Every season has its particular hallmarks for how to style and look great. Summer styling is an exception for me though and I presume it’s the same for most of you guys -considering how much preparation has been made for the season and also the wavy events the season comes with.

The saying; ‘the smallest dog barks the loudest’? Hold on, let me make my points.

A beautiful woman doesn’t need to be convinced by anybody she’s beautiful, a rich man doesn’t need no one to convince him that he’s rich and you a jiggy man don’t need anyone to convince you what a jiggy man you are.
Let’s admit it can be a real struggle to find a style that represents our personality, coolness and brings us positive vibes!

We’ve probably been there at least once… Anyways why exactly is this important to us? Personally, the impact of styling ‘yourself’ goes beyond a good first impression; great styling is also about confidence, personality and being feisty in your own unique way.

Quick tips on defining your individual style this summer.

1.  Perform a Wardrobe Audit: Know the stock of your current wardrobe, consider what you currently own and the persona you want to represent to the world. Does this match with the pieces in your wardrobe? If not, then it’s time you evolve your look and try something new.
2. Choose Your Style Icon: Make a mental note of the man who demonstrates impeccable taste in your eyes. We all have our favourite style icon(s) who reflect our preferred personal style. Pinpoint the items you would like to replicate so you can transform these trends into your personal style.
3. Signature Pieces: Men with a strong sense of style generally have a signature piece or two that becomes part of their style identity. Find your favourite piece that you can incorporate into your outfit.
4. Lifestyle/Self-Image: Dressing to fit in with your day-to-day activities and rituals helps your day flow with ease to represent your lifestyle andself image.
5. Odd Man Out: Like it or not, you can’t look all fly when you’re dressed like the next man. Use your signature piece, identify items that don’t match your wardrobe and give your power styling effortlessly.
6. Stay ‘Jiggy’(Consistency):We can all admit this; finding a personal style is tasking and it’s an ongoing process. But when you get that Mojo style; look spruce, don’t give up and stay defining your style. There you go.
7.Take A Picture: Take sick pictures, move into the city like that ‘Jiggy-Man’, turn up at the squad rendezvous looking like a whole snack and be the ‘fashion-killa’ at that summer hangout. Let the Paparazzi take pictures-it lasts longer.
8. Repeat Defining!!: Here, I can listen to hundred of songs in a day but I’d still find myself whistling that favourite jam in my head. It’s a bit funny how we can apply this to our dressing habit. So take a good look at your wardrobe and look for any items that have the same taste as your style, create a magical playlist in your closet that is constantly in tune with your style and that’s how you get all the sauce.

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