The Glossy Eye Trend: Why And How

School, Life… None of it has been good to me , I am not sure if it is part of growing up but have had a lot of life changing things happen to me these past few months but am still here with the hope that tomorrow is definitely going to be better. I am not a motivational speaker, i honestly don’t believe any of the things they say but if you’re reading this I am using this opportunity to tell you, the same way i tell myself everyday, ”You’re not done yet, so don’t give up.”

Back to the real reason am writing this, the glossy eye trend has been around for a while now, it’s one of those trends that people don’t start to dig until after a while and i have to say like a lot of people i hated it at first, i wasn’t sure why i would want to put lip-gloss all over my eyelids. For like about three months when i was going through several life changing things, i basically stopped using makeup, it just never occurred to me to put makeup on my face, i was way too down and when i decided to start using makeup again, it didn’t feel right.

I was never a pro at this makeup thing and i feel like my face outgrew my old makeup routine or maybe i just didn’t know how to do it no more, it made me feel old, the whole using eye-shadow, cutting crease and all. I realized i needed to look for a new makeup routine that fit my face and did not make me look ten years older than i am, so i started looking through Instagram for makeup inspirations and i fell in love with Ashley’s makeup routine, she always does the glossy eye-shadow thing and i fell in love with the way it looked on her.

FIRST ATTEMPT: I decided to try it and I hated it, it felt like glue on my eyelids, it wasn’t nice at all, it dried up and i looked like i got punched in the eye.

SECOND ATTEMPT:  i took a few pictures, still felt like glue on my eyelids but the pictures came out nice, still dried up and people kept on asking what was wrong with my eyes. I used it few more times and got used to it.

NOW: I watched a few videos on the trend and realized the problem was the lip-gloss i was using, it was way to glossy and it dried up easily so i got a new one and Girl! this glossy eye thing is POPPING!

How To:

  • Apply your eye-shadow primer
  • Apply any eye-shadow of your choice, i personally always go for a very warm color like deep brown, or wine.
  • Apply your lip gloss with a brush
  • Apply your mascara and you’re good to go.

The best thing about this trend is it makes your eyelashes pop, really pop and it always gives this very cool and natural look.

Thank you for reading, XO Tundun

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