Kijipa Collection

A Nigerian brand, Kijipa studio is a melting pot of classic, alternative and Afro inspired fashion ideas. Founded by two friends Designer Dimeji Ilori who is the creative director and Fashion enthusiast Damilola Yusuf who handles the business side of the brand.
Birthed from the passion to create wearable beautiful well crafted clothes that would tell the african narrative from their point of view through their experiences and their shared imaginations. The debut collection ‘PROJECT 1’ is an introduction to the artistry, beauty and timelessness of the post-colonial eras for the Nigerian Inhabitants Known as the ‘Golden years’.
The collection emphasizes on the ideas of designs in simple monochromatic toned pieces, feather work crafted gown, simple cuts clean lines and top notch tailoring with attention to details.As we return to an era of harsh government policies and violence is at an all time high, it is hard not to remember the importance of community, togetherness and the power behind the unity in our diversity.
The Nigerian circle of creatives and youths in general are ready to define what independence mean to them. We are now in a time history where we live in fear of being killed for no reason other than being a young Nigerian. We have a voice and there is no better time to make your statement than now!

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