Places To Visit in Nigeria For Holiday

Places To Visit in Nigeria For Holiday

Special vacations is bonding time for most families, the connections and memories formed during such family adventure make fun stories that will last for generations. It like candy; slowly melts in the mouth, sweetening every taste bud, and make us wish it could last forever.

With the festive period around, every fun loving individual should be thinking of an amazing to be with their loved ones, but here to make you think less.

We present you a list of 11 unique places selected from across Nigeria to spend your vacation, a classic and ultra-modern environment.

  1. Escape To An Exotic Island-TakwaBay: Finding a fun filled place to spend holiday with the family and the loved ones, Takwa Bay is the perfect choice. It’s surrounded with crystal clear water, sandy beach and warm atmosphere. It’s the best place to experience exciting activities, Jet skiing, Water skiing, Boat cruising or having picnic on the beach. Be there!
  2. Wonderland Amusement Park And Resorts: A world class reaction centre. Offers games and rides for all, a leisure garden for relaxing.
  3.  Jos Wild Life: Set in undulating landscape with different species of plant and picnic sites, Jos Wildfire Park hosts several wildlife.
  4. Idanre Hills: Situated in Ondo State, the beauty and the precise architectural design employed by nature in arranging of the hills is impeccable. Commune with the nature in Ondo at the Idanre Hills.
  5. IkongosiWarm Spring: A natural wonder flow side by side, where warm and cold spring break. The resort situated around the warm spring has various accommodation and recreation facilities suitable for family vacation.
  6. ObuduRanch Resort: Amazing place for family vacation and resort getaway. It’s beautiful scenery and breathtaking views make it ideal for family’s reunion holiday.
  7. Lekki Conservation Centre: Biodiversity of Nigeria and wildlife. The peninsula consists of swamp and savannah habitats. The reserve is a beauty of nature in a world class environment.
  8. AgodiGarden: Attracts every lover of life to Ibadan, a first choice recreational facility for nature enthusiasts. Also can explore the mini zoo, check out the water park as well enjoy a boat cruise.
  9. Hi-Impact Planet: Amusement Park and Resort offers world-class fun for the young and old, friends and families. There are games, rides and other entertaining attractions for the young and young at heart.
  10. InagbeResort: A perfect getaway adventure for families. The resorts presents a haven of pure charm andtranquility. Beautiful landmark that gives more than just sea, sand and sun. Inagbe resorts offers Quad bikes, tour to the jungle and so much more.

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