Music And Fashion: A Correlation Of Tune And Style.

Music And Fashion: A Correlation Of Tune And Style.

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Music has been described by various people according to genres, style and taste.

Fashion also can’t be defined but we deduce what fashion means to us as individuals and relate it to our various/diverse style and taste.

Clearly there’s an intersection between music, culture and fashion trends. Recently music artists tend to set trends for those who love their music and we see emulation of their lifestyle in our today society.

The fashion world has connected with the music industry as we have endorsements of fashion brands by A-list musicians through their social media, music videos and even adverts of These brands.

This has seen musicians venture into the fashion industry drastically, owning fashion labels like Kanye West with Yeezy in partnership with Adidas, the African Star Boy, Wizkid walk the runway for Dolce and Gabbana in Italy along side Tinie Tempah, Rihanna taking a major step by starting Fenty in collaboration with Puma and the  Nigerian-UK based grime artist Skepta was part of the unveiling of Nigeria 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits for Nike. These are a few among many.

Music and fashion have created more than a hallmark that directly influences individual choices in tune and style.

Perspectives on music and fashion.

Fashion is an art that deserves more accolades; Fashion manifests itself in more than clothing, but also in feelings. Music is a world within itself. For me, it’s a way of venting negative emotions and calming myself down as it puts me in a better mood. Music is a kinda weird force that seems deep into my heart, stimulates my mind when I’m in a confused state and it eases me when my emotions wants to get in the way of my decisions.

These arts are intertwined. Imagine having fashion, a creative outlet that constantly improves with great music. It’s nothing but pure positivity.

Music and fashion for me are like intertwined. I live on music basically. When people ask me why I dress how I dress, tell them I dress according to my mood.

Personally my mood is affected by the kind of music I listen to or the kind of music I feel like listening to at a moment.

The song I listen to when I wake up in the morning surely affect my mood, so how I am feeling is how my dressing happens.

I work with sound and my dressing happens with sounds

Sounds give me feels, if I hear a certain sound I don’t know how to explain it but I dress accordingly to that feel.

Presently I’m wearing sweatshirts cos I’m feeling like Meh and I have been listening to Jorja Smith.

If i’m gonna be honest,

None of those things influence my choice

Music doesn’t the artist does

Take for example, Kendrick inspires what I decide to put on,

The music itself doesn’t, his lifestyle does.

Don’t get me wrong though

Music clears my head, but most of what the artist says is what I already know and have been doing

So i’m pretty much okay.

Music is a channel in which ideas, emotions and thoughts are conveyed to unknowingly affect the emotions.

Fashion is the manner in which the emotions and thoughts are being displayed.

Music for me is a very important thing in my life, music is something I can easily relate to. It has reflected in my lifestyle.

Fashion gives the public a look at my identity and music has helped me identify that.

I know what suits me, what looks better on me as far as fashion trends goes, I have opened up my style into creating new fashion trends for myself given the music on my playlist.

Music is my mood, I feel part of the gangsta thug life when I be bumping Hip Hop (Rap music) and when I’m doing the R’n’B I’m pretty much normal.

My sense of styling reflects on my kind of music to be honest; Its just me trying to be me, me trying to let the world know I am weird and if you can’t relate to how I dress… You can’t talk to me.

Music influences my style yes, it depends on my mood and the kind of music I’m listening to, Take for instance when I listen to Artic Monkeys I just want to wear sweats and jeans lol

And artists getting into the fashion industry are just trying to express their music through clothes 

Mixing their style with their music I guess.

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