How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

Social media has gradually become the best way to promote one’s business or brand; however it is a crowded place you have to struggle to get even one percent of people to notice you, your brand or your business. I created a social media plan months ago for my brand which is still in process and I have decided to share with you what have learned about social media and how to get people on your side.


You definitely already know that your images matter when it comes to social media, however the importance of images can never be overemphasized. When talking about pictures, three questions often come to my mind; whose picture, what does the picture represent and what kind of people or audience will these pictures help you attract. The answers to these questions will help to get you started; it will provide for you a steady pattern which you can follow on every post.

One thing I have realized about social media is you can be flexible but not dynamic, if you post about one thing today and something else tomorrow you might confuse your audience and you can’t do that. People want originality, depending on what your brand is about or what you are trying to promote. For instance; on Instagram I follow certain people because of what they have to offer me or what I can gain from their page, imagine following someone who sells shoes, you need a new shoe and go on their page just to see that the person now sells gadgets.


You can never be too consistent with social media especially when you have a business to run or brand to build. I understand if this is a problem for you because am not a very consistent person either especially with social media, I am not the kind of person that would wake up 8am to post pictures, am not even the type of person that would wake up 8am at all but consistency helps to grow your social media.

The good news is that there are now several applications that help you plan when to post and possibly what to post and social apps like instagram, the instagram stories help you keep up with your audience. The important thing is for you to stay relevant, be interesting and try new things. No matter how much followers you have unless you are a big celebrity like Kylie Jenner the moment you become a ghost on social media, it will be hard to make a comeback.

Give back

Giving back is also important not only on social media but life in general. If you are hoping to make lots of money from social media you need to learn to give back. I like to think of myself as a logical person and I don’t like people making money off me unless am getting something in return, it might not be in form of money, it could be encouragements, information about certain things, and so on.

The common way people give back on social media is give away packages and all which I feel like is a very good way to bring people closer and just thank them for their follow and comments. You can also reply people’s comments on your posts and all, you have to understand that the little things matter. The day Nicki minaj replies my comments on her post will be the best day of my life, just saying.

Thanks for reading, Xo Tundun

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