How To Plan A Picnic Like A Pro

How To Plan A Picnic Like A Pro

Summer is here and there is no better time of the year to hold picnics than this. The concept of picnic in the part of the country where I school is quite different from the actual concept of holding a picnic. I have been to a few picnics in my school and it seemed to me as an excuse to have a party, there was loud music, people dancing and there was no food; Yes! It was definitely a party that was called a picnic. A picnic is a gathering, most of the time an intimate gathering of two or more people at a place to eat, talk, have fun and just relax. Here are the following steps to plan your perfect picnic:


The first thing is to get a location for your picnic; most picnics are held by families, couples or about to be couples. It is advisable to get a quiet place (not dead quiet) where you can bond and have some alone time and just have fun. Places like these are: the beach, a garden, a resort, and so on.


The next thing is the food, you have to decide what type of food you want to eat and whether you are to order take out or cook from home. It is advisable to take something light whether you are cooking from home or ordering your food, the food should be something like a brunch. It is better to have something simple and light you can put in a basket like pizza, you don’t want to be carrying 4 or 5 coolers to the beach especially when you are a couple. I would also recommend food that doesn’t require using cutlery.

Things to pack for your picnic

Games such as: Cards, Ludo or Chess
Hand towels
Plates, knifes and spoons
Mat or mats
Bug spray
Ice Pack
Trash Bags                                                                                                                                                                      Wet Wipes

How do you plan your picnic?

Xo Tundun

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