Fundamental Rules Of Boots; Conscious Male

Boots creates the very foundation of mans ensemble. Though boots are one of the major factors considered while making a visual judgement. A good pair of boots is two things, super comfortable and stylish. However considering an array of different styles and rules of boots men’s wear can make choosing the right pair of boots a hassle.
From style to comfort and quality to material there are number of things one must know while choosing a pair of stylish boots for men.

There are rules guiding the choice of boots for men,
Here are 4 fundamental rules to go by;

1.Quality: quality is one of the main aspects one must look out for while choosing a pair of stylish boots for men’s ensemble. As all weight falls on the boots, it’s important that the boots are sturdy enough to absorb the force. Low quality of boots can make the sole fall apart. Also, not to forget that there are different materials of boots needed for different seasons. Wearing a wrong pair of boots in a particular season can cause both discomfort as well as damage to the boots.
2.Comfort: invest in a right size of boots even if it cost you more. Severally, wrong size of boots has caused a discomfort for me to an extent by affecting my style of walking. Whereas a right sized boots can boost your confidence. The width of the boots depends largely on the style of the boots arch structure and toe structure are other important points to pay attention to while choosing a right pair of stylish boots.
3. *Occasion*: each boots crafted with a purpose and it’s necessary to abide by the rules of using appropriate types of boots for the occasion it has been designed for. Often we make a mistake of wearing wrong type of shoe or experimenting by wearing running shoes for a casual day wear. Each boot has its special function and such experimentations can not only make your ensemble look out of balance but also cause discomfort.
4.Care: taking proper care of boots is quite often neglected by men, If the boots aren’t waterproof one has to be careful around water as it can damage the leather. There are special types of leave her polish available for different types of leathers and should be used accordingly. Also, be careful while using leather not all materials soak perspiration and can cause damage to both boots and skin. To avoid this make sure you keep rotating through a few pair by wearing them alternatively.

Men’s boots fashion has a long history and has evolved with time. There are different types of boots for men for different occasions and that is what makes this footwear special.
Hope this article helped understand the fundamental rules of men’s boots. Thank you for reading, please like, comment and share.

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