Fashion Pieces That Instantly Makes You Part Of The Cool Kids

Fashion Pieces That Instantly Makes You Part Of The Cool Kids

People who follow or constantly stalk models like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and others like I do probably know exactly what kind of fashion pieces makes you a cool kid in this day and time but if you don’t you know I always got you. One thing I feel like I need to clarify is that these fashion pieces have no particular age, so if you are over 30 and you feel like this type of dressing isn’t for you, trust me it is because this is what everyone is wearing.

  1. Fanny Pack

The fanny pack takes you way back to the 80s or the 90s (not sure I wasn’t born then) It has definitely been around for a very long time and we love it, wearing a fanny pack now is almost like wearing Christian Louboutin’s red bottoms in 2010 and am saying this because no one wears red bottoms anymore unless it’s 2010 again or it’s your wedding day and even that is farfetched. All I’m trying to say is get you a fanny pack now.

  1. Track suits

Track suits are my favorite for two reasons; they are comfortable and versatile. Versatile in the sense that you can wear a track suit and look boujee in other words expensive, you can also wear a track suit and look like a nerd or even just sporty the list goes on and on depending on what you pair with it. Track suits whether it’s just the tops or the pants should be your go to outfit when you have nothing to wear. You can never go wrong with black track pants, white top and white sneakers, Word!

  1. Big T-Shirts

This is also another favorite for me because it is comfy and super cool. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s just always a vibe that comes with wearing oversized clothes. Its super chill and you can never go wrong with it, a big t-shirt with bum shorts and ankle strap heels, Bomb!

  1. Extra cool denim jackets

There are denim jackets, there are also cool denim jackets and now there are extra cool denim jackets, am talking extra distressed, fringe denim jackets, crop denim jackets, embellished denim jackets, hand painted denim jackets, denim jackets with ties, denim kimono jackets and so on. Adding any of these types of jackets to an outfit will make you a pro cool kid.

  1. Super long coats

Long coats are very close to my heart because I love the vibe it gives, a rich vibe. Long coats instantly make your outfit look expensive no matter how cheap what you are wearing is, it transforms your outfit from ordinary to extra-ordinary especially when the coat is in a pastel color or just black, I can assure you that you will look very Chic.

  1. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets come in different types and it is the one am most familiar with especially in school when I am late for a class, a pair of jeans, top, sneakers and of course a bomber jacket it is almost like a uniform. Bomber jackets go with everything possible and my favorite bomber jackets are the satin ones.

  1. Super cool shoes

Having super cool shoes is also a part of being a cool kid. There is no owning cool clothes with wack shoes, it just doesn’t work that way and I would have to say there are specific type of shoes worn by the cool kids and some of them are:

  1. Trendy tops

There are certain tops acceptable in the cool kid world, cool kids love their crop tops, turtlenecks, off shoulder, tube tops, tank tops, bodycon tops, sheer tops and so on.

  1. Cool sunglasses

If you have read my previous articles about sunglasses, you know I always emphasize about how important sunglasses are these days and how interesting of an accessory it is to add to your outfit. We cool kids love our sunglasses very much and in case you are wondering why I said we, I am a cool kid too.

  1. Biker shorts

It is always important to save the best for last, the biker shorts is probably the most trendy of all these fashion pieces at the moment, it has been made popular by Kim Kardashian who has slayed the biker shorts in every way possible. You have no choice but to own at least 5 of it.

Thank you for reading, Xo Tundun

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