Fashion And Confidence

Fashion And Confidence

I haven’t written in a while, these past few months for me has been a roller coaster full of so many ups and downs mostly downs but am glad that am still here, I feel good about myself and I am happy to be alive and you should be too. Growing up I watched reality TV shows like how do I look? And am very thankful for such TV shows because it really shows to you that no matter who you are or where you are or what you do you are always going to be addressed by appearance and most of the times it’s not really your fault or the fault of the people addressing you, it’s just that fashion represents you and what you are wearing will give people an insight of who you could be not necessarily who you are.

For Instance; here in Nigeria when you see a mad man you run without first having a conversation with him or even analyzing his behavior if he is mad or not, I know because when I see a man wearing dirty and extremely torn clothes am going a different direction, I don’t even want to know if he is mad or not and thinking about it now am asking myself, what if he wasn’t mad? What if he was abducted or was in an accident? There are several possibilities to why he could have been dressed like that but my first impression is that he is mad and my instinct is to run.

In this same way what you are wearing affects you yourself, wearing something you don’t like or feel comfortable in could ruin your day. Several months ago I went for an event and I thought about the outfit I was going to wear, it looked very good in my head maybe even perfect until I wore it and I hated it but I did not have enough time to change so I went like that, on getting there I took a picture and I realized I looked like someone’s grandmother, it wasn’t funny because I felt horrible, I couldn’t take another picture and I was always looking over my shoulder for people laughing at me and all(I don’t think anyone was though because it wasn’t even as bad as I thought), I sat down and started looking at people who looked great and wore something appropriate unlike me and it just ruined my day. It wasn’t a good experience but it also made me realize how much how I looked affected me. This has nothing to do with self-esteem, it is just you feel good when you look good.

Being able to wear something, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful and sexy you look is the ultimate confidence and that is what fashion does for you. Whether you are going for an interview, work or just going out for fun look at your mirror and make sure whatever you are wearing is giving you all the confidence you need and if it’s not change that shit! What do you think about fashion and confidence, have you ever felt less confident because of how you look? I would like to know so comment below↓

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