Evolution of Shoe Making in Nigeria

‘Fault My Shoes‘ – Said A Nigerian Man.

A Man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up. Footwear like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid recently. The Nigerian shoe making industry has developed in capacity, creativity and link – building across international markets among other initiatives.

The industry sets to be taken by storm in the global market and contribute largely to the Nigerian economy, industrialization and also to create job opportunities. Shoe makers in Nigeria are producing quality shoes to compare with the Standard already created by the Italian shoe industry and other global brands, which were the benchmark of the industry for years.

Nevertheless reeducation of the consuming Nigeria populace is a necessity, as the industry aim to be amongst the top shoe making industry around the globe, by producing top notch shoes designs with high quality materials so as to be taken serious and make the Nigerian shoe industry a go to industry while sourcing for amazing shoes.

Thus ‘I have seen a lot of really high quality shoes crafted in Nigeria but are not well appreciated by Nigerians not to talk of global appreciation‘.

However, most of these shoes are made of high quality leather, which are being imported. This seems to be a major issue in the shoe making industry in Nigeria. The lack of unionism to solicit Government funding, the high rate of importation sometimes, faces a a series of delays in getting the materials such as government policy or documentations issues, also power supply is another major issue the shoe making industry deals with.

The productivity of the shoe industry in Nigeria is therefore affected. Shoe makers now seek alternatives in making rubber shoes as a replication of leather shoes.

Various factors have contributed to the growth of the Nigerian shoe industry with available evidence from ancient African culture. Some shoe makers in Nigeria have creatively added to the scent of the new shoe trends and creating unique shoe designs by staying in tune with the global best practice which can’t be ignored by Nigerian Gentlemen.

The entertainment industry grows, the use of social media is largely acknowledged and the world hears the echoes of a nation(Nigeria)

The shoe making industry should elevate drastically due to the level of innovations incurred and quality products produced which sees the Nigeria shoe industry to lead the African market and yet there’s little or no presence outside of the continent.

Shoe Making brands in Nigeria should collaborate strategically with elites and top celebrities by making the Nigerian made shoes available for them to be worn to events outside of the continent and develop a channel like exhibitions, trade fair and E-commerce platforms where people outside of Nigeria can easily access the Nigerian made shoes.

It’s of importance to the Nigerian shoe makers to create a solid network that takes advantages of sophistication, quality and low price as to put the Nigerian shoe industry on the global map.

Check out through the link to see the quality and how amazingly these Nigerian vendors are changing the trend.

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Evolution of Shoe Making in Nigeria

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