Coloured Socks: The Art Of Manliness

Coloured Socks: The Art Of Manliness

The humble socks keeps our feet comfortable in whatever we’re doing, weather it’s strolling around town, worn for a cooperate outing or maybe even wearing to sleep
They’re important and we tend not to think too much about it, although lately I have been considering my choice of socks critically.

Socks- maybe not the most interesting one to read about but like me I don’t like getting the simplest element wrong.
Choosing the pair of right socks is a struggle for a lot of guys, too much of thinking and opinions just add to the puzzlement.

The Art Of Manliness is knowing how best to style your socks because one can easily go wrong with the slightest detail.
However I have managed to go by the general rules of socks which I’m always guided by.

1. Making sure the socks match each other and have no visible holes. This is an easy mistake, but sounds obvious.

2. Choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trouser.

3. Pattern + Casuals: You can wear flamboyant colours and designs with casual especially with shorts.

4. Wear white with shorts: White socks are only good with shorts, no matter how casual. I bet you we all don’t want to look like a secondary school child.

5. Your socks should match your trousers. A man cannot go wrong following this, as it serves to create a streamlined look with no unnecessary colour contrast until the eyes meet the shoes.

6. Go sockless – To go sockless is to play safe and easy, you can stick with goingsockslesswith boat shoes. When it’s done right, going socksless can actually be a more sophisticated opinion.

However, once a man has a sense of his own personal style, he should feel free to break these rules. Doing this enable him to introduce into his wardrobe a wide range of patterned and maybe even lively coloured socks that conservative dressers would avoid.

Socks aren’t the first item in our wardrobe we give thoughts to, but they’re an important part of a man’s clothing. Like a weak link in chain, poor quality socks matched with high quality outfit risks weakening the strength of the entire look.

Understand the Art Of Manliness picking up the right socks fabric and also colour, also always toss the safe side.

Thank you for reading.
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