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The Nigerian Male Shoe Making Industry

‘Fault My Shoes‘ – Said A Nigerian Man. A Man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up. Footwear like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid recently. The Nigerian shoe making industry has developed in capacity, creativity and link – building across international markets among other initiatives. The industry sets to be taken by […]

Coloured Socks: The Art Of Manliness

The humble socks keeps our feet comfortable in whatever we’re doing, weather it’s strolling around town, worn for a cooperate outing or maybe even wearing to sleep They’re important and we tend not to think too much about it, although lately I have been considering my choice of socks critically. Socks- maybe not the most interesting one […]

Fundamental Rules Of Boots; Conscious Male

Boots creates the very foundation of mans ensemble. Though boots are one of the major factors considered while making a visual judgement. A good pair of boots is two things, super comfortable and stylish. However considering an array of different styles and rules of boots men’s wear can make choosing the right pair of boots a hassle. […]