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    3 Reasons Why You Need An Ankara Corset

    “If there is one thing you should be adding to your spring/summer collection it should be an Ankara corset and here is why.”

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    Steps To Planning A Small Budget Photoshoot

    Currently, we are at a time and period where virtually anyone can be creative with the right equipment. Creativity is no longer limited to a specified group of people, with the right phone or camera and editing applications non-photographers will create pictures as good as that of an actual photographer, although some photographers create extraordinary pictures as a result of their extravagant equipment and experience so let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s just say that with the right equipment you would be able to create pro pictures good enough to be put out there.

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    Makeup Hacks For Every-It Girl

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    Nigerians And Aso-Ebi

          Here is the thing; in Africa we all have our different culture, values and traditions however, Aso Ebi happens to be one of the very significant things we have in common especially in Nigeria. Nigeria has a whole is a culturally diversified country with the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Ibibio, Urhobo and so many more, Aso Ebi is one of those things that you find today in most if not all social events regardless of the tribe organizing it. Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word that translates to cloth or garment for the family members at least that was what it originally meant. Aso-Ebi is now for both family members and guests who can afford it, in fact in some occasions if you are a

    family member and you can’t afford it you don’t get invitation to the wedding regardless of how close you are to the family.
            Aso-Ebi is used for social events or occasions such as; weddings, burials, birthdays and so on. This normal tradition has taken a different meaning amongst Nigerians it is now seen as a money making scam by most people. I personally do not attend most traditional occasions but my parents do especially my mother and it is a very personal thing for her and I feel like it is a personal thing for most Nigerian mothers too because they attend a lot of social events and there is a different Aso-Ebi for every event and most of them feel like they have to buy every               

            Aso-Ebi for every event and according to my research here is why they feel like that; There is a pressure to feel among, if you have ever been to a social event in Nigeria that you didn’t buy the Aso-Ebi you would understand this, you would feel very left out, you might not even be offered water talkless of food. Another reason is so people can buy their own Aso-Ebi when it is their own event. According to my mom she buys people’s

           Aso-Ebi so they can buy hers when any of her children is getting married. yes! Aso-Ebi in Nigeria is a ”tit for tat” thing, if you don’t buy my Aso-Ebi am not buying yours. Again, people buy Aso-Ebi in order to show their style and class. Many Nigerians will pay any amount to wear the Aso-Ebi with the best style at the party. Also, in some occasions or events they have more than one Aso-Ebi with the price range from the highest to the lowest. People go as far as borrowing money to wear the most expensive one to show off their class and

            There are also several varieties of Aso-Ebi at parties; there are ones for the bride’s friends, the mother and father of the bride and groom, the mother of the bride’s friends, the mother of the groom’s friends and so many more, the Aso-Ebi you are offered to buy as to do with your relationship with the families. At the end of the day social events end up looking as diversified as our country, the Aso-Ebi you wear determines how you are treated at the party, whether you are going to be served food or not, whether you deserve gifts, and also where you are going to be seated. A very displeasing thing about Aso-Ebi today is that the price goes as far as 200,000 upwards and this is economically wrong for a country where more than half of its citizens live in poverty.
           For a clothing you won’t be wearing more than once or twice I propose that it should be affordable and it shouldn’t be something that has so much emotional attachment to it. If people are coming to attend and celebrate your event with you, let them do just that; making it an obligation to buy Aso-Ebi before coming for your event is not something that should be happening.
             However, some people think that people sell Aso-Ebi for their events to get something back; a lot of people attending such events come to eat, collect gifts and go without giving anything to the bride or groom celebrating, so selling Aso-Ebi is a way of getting something back from the people attending, regardless of this I think that the price of Aso-Ebi should be reasonable and not obligatory.

        I personally like Aso-Ebi, it is a very wonderful part of our culture and  also love that it is not limited to just the family members anymore but it is time people understood that not everybody can afford Aso-Ebi but people still

    want to celebrate with you.

    Hope you enjoyed this article don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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    Eye-Wear Trends Approved By Pop-Culture

            If there is one thing Pop Culture can’t get enough of, it would be sunglasses. After just a few months into 2018, I have been able to witness the coolest trends of sunglasses and I am truly grateful even though I can’t afford most of them, I am very contented with seeing it on people who can. Gigi and Bella Hadid are two pop culture QUEENS to look out for when it comes to trendy sunglasses; they both have a thing for rocking the most outrageously extra sunglasses and SLAYING the game.

     It’s spring/summer now and this indicates that summer is quietly knocking on the door and most of us can’t just wait for summer. The arrival of summer means a lot of things; you need to start getting your summer body ready which is like the most important of all, you need some new bikinis, maybe a few clothes and SUNGLASSES. Sunglasses are so important for summer especially now that there are so many trendy cool sunglasses everywhere. How could you not get one or more? If you are like me you are already getting all the summer necessities done except the whole summer body part, summer body here in Nigeria is underrated and I have come to the conclusion that exercising isn’t really my thing.

        The sunglasses made this year have to be the best have seen and technically have seen a lot, I used to be so obsessed with the aviator sunglasses which may or may not have gone out of style because some people still dig it, but this year we don’t have to be in love with one when there are so many in different shapes, sizes, frames and colors with most of them having you look like a FASHIONISTA from the 80s, the truth is ‘’you either go big or go home’’ for the first time in many months I actually don’t mind breaking the bank to get a few because how could I not?

    #Round and Small Frames
    Photo by Godisable Jacob

    #Half Framed Sunglasses
    Photo by Godisable Jacob

    #The Curt Cobain Sunglasses
    Photo by Godisable Jacob

    #Cat-Eye Frames

    #Multi-Colored Frames
    Photo by Godisable Jacob

    #Matrix-Inspired Sunglasses
    image: Harper Bazaar

    #Candy-Colored Sunglasses
    Photo by: Nappy and Tri Hua

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    Walk Up Water Fashion Show Diary

    For a while now have been trying to decide what makes a fashion show a blast, is it the setting, the theme, the designs or the models. I finally came to a conclusion that it is the balance of all as none of them could work without the other. The walk on water fashion show was organized in Kwara State, Ilorin. Whether it was a blast or not is a matter of discussion.

    The red carpet on the ticket was to start by 4pm, while the main event was by 6pm. We got there by 6:30 and the show did not start until 8 which for me wasn’t cool at all but it is understandable because things like this don’t start on time, but I just really expected it to have at most an hour set back considering the fact that the following day was a Monday.

    I would have to really compliment the organizers for the setting and the theme. For a place like Ilorin that isn’t has developed as places like Lagos and Abuja they really blew my mind, I don’t want to say I expected less but I wasn’t expecting too much and it was just beyond my expectation. For me a fashion show that isn’t confusing is a success, have been to several fashion shows in Ilorin that were confusing. There was a particular one that the models came out like 8 mins after the previous one which definitely means it wasn’t organized and they didn’t have enough models, that was kind of a NO for me.

    I was a bit skeptical about how good the designs were because the first designs that came out seemed pretty normal to me, like something you see everyday, as time went on I started seeing the designs I came for. Overall the designers had some very spontaneous designs and some that weren’t so spontaneous. These are a few designs that were nice and trendy

    In general, the walk on water fashion show was good and I would like to see more of it. I look forward to going for more fashion shows in Kwara State and sharing my thoughts with you. 

    Thank you for reading, don’t forget to like, share and comment.

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    Significant Trends At The Met Gala 2018

         The Met Gala is also called the Met ball, it is an annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. Besides all of that talk, the met gala is a time where all celebrities come out looking extravagant. The Met Gala is a event of the year that I always anticipate, although I didn’t get to watch this year’s met gala, I was able to watch a few clips on You Tube. Every year Met Gala has a new theme and this year’s theme was heavenly bodies: fashion and catholic imagination. I don’t know if it is just me but celebrities looks tends to overshadow the whole essence of the Met Gala, before I knew it was a fundraising event I thought it was just an event celebrities go to like the Oscars or Grammys. The Met Gala is one of the most exclusive social events and biggest fundraising event.

    # Head Piece
           One of the most significantly common things at the met gala was the head piece. It almost seemed like  everyone was wearing an head piece and we loved the trend. There were so many different types of head piece from crown-like ones; from the likes of Sza and Rita Ora to Pope-like head piece from the one and only Rihanna. The head piece was definitely a trend at the Met Gala.

    # Lengthy trains
          As earlier said the theme of the met gala was heavenly bodies and it almost seems appropriate to have lengthy trains, if I was going for the Met Gala that would be like the first thing I would be thinking of. Long trains is another common thing in this year’s met gala and I would have to say Blake Lively’s train had me mesmerized, her outfit to the met gala is one of the most talked about if not the most. Blake never disappoints and every met gala she looks more and more like an angel.

    # Metallic, leathered or armor-like
           - Metallic gowns is another significant trend to the met gala, Jasmine Sanders metallic-gold ball gown was one that stood out, although there aren’t too much details on this gown, the color, style and material made it extravagant.
          -Bella hadid had wore a black length gown perfectly fitted with a leathered top, which reminded me of Kate Beckinsale from Underworld.
         -Zendaya outdid herself, she went above and beyond in a knight inspired gown. Her gown was inspired by Joan of Arc and i would have to say she killed this look.

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    Slice Of Summer 2018: The Event

    SLICE OF SUMMER EVENT: My Experience

             The slice of summer event was organized in Succourt Garden Ilorin, Kwara State. It is an annual event organized majorly for students in Kwara State. This was my first time attending SOS although have been schooling in Ilorin for almost 4 years. I never knew events like this occurred in Ilorin. I was very excited to attend the SOS especially because one of my favorite Nigerian artiste LAX was going to perform.

            Since it was my first time attending a social event like this in Ilorin, I didn’t know what to expect, the decorations and setting was well put together regardless of the fact that rain fell and was still drizzling a lot of people came out looking fantastic. It was a lot of fun and the highlight of SOS for me was the Dj and this is not just because she is a female but she is so GOOD!!!

            I wore white crop top and a pleated flair skirt with transparent heels, basically I looked like an old lady. I wish I had thought about this outfit more but you can’t exactly blame me. I had just gotten back from school and I had about 30 minutes to dress up and this was the only outfit that seemed to make sense at that time.
    As earlier said the Slice of Summer event was organized in Succourt garden which is beside the lake. The view was amazing but the cold wasn’t and the rain that was drizzling wasn’t exactly helping matters, at a point I thought I was going to freeze, like I said I didn’t think about my outfit well considering the fact that I get cold easily.

    My experience at SOS 2018 was amazing and I hope to be attending again next year. 

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    Life Lessons Learnt From The Photography Master Class

    Photography is a lot more than showing off, it tells stories that has the ability of changing people’s lives

    I would have to say this was a wonderful experience and I am glad I attended. I made attempts to jot down a few things. Originally I was going to focus on photography tips I had gotten from this class, but then I realized I had gained so much more than just photography tips, I had learned from several people’s experiences and I thought I needed to share this with everyone.

    •  Life
          Isn’t about competing with other people: This was a little bit confusing to me at first as we were taught otherwise. The world is more of a capitalist organization, everyone is competing to have a better share of everything, and no one is ready to settle down for less. Not competing however doesn’t mean you are settling for less. Everyone has a special skill, something that you are excellent at. The goal shouldn’t be am trying to be better than one person, it should be am trying to be better than myself. I wouldn’t exactly say competition is a bad thing, but it hinders growth it makes your growth based on other people’s achievement.
    • Know your passion
            Dr.(Mrs) Kadir, a professor at Unilorin is also an humanitarian photographer, she said although the photography world is very competitive and it’s all about who is the most famous or who is getting the most money, she wasn’t trying to compete with anybody, she ventured into humanitarian photography because she loved to take photographs and share stories of the rural people. It was something most people had neglected but people started to notice and appreciate her work and she was able to change the lives of many people who live in rural communities through her photographs.
    • Create relationships not based on money

           Creating relationships with people that isn’t based on money is very important, although money is quite essential in developing one’s career, money isn’t everything. This gives you more advantage; it brings people closer and makes them confide in you. Like someone said money can’t buy relationships in your business or in developing your career which is the most important thing you need. Yemi Ajala, a very well-known photographer talked about a woman he had taking her photographs for a very long time, he had also given her a couple of free photo sessions and by the time she became wealthier, she still stuck to him even though she could afford famous photographers with better equipment. This was because he had created a relationship with the woman that wasn’t just about the money he got from her. For her it wasn’t about the quality of the pictures, it was about the connections and trust she had for him.

    These are a few other things I picked up from the class:
    1. Always ask questions and make research
    2. Know your weaknesses
    3. A lot of things seem ordinary and are neglected by most people, look into such areas and carve opportunities from it
    4. The world is big enough to do your own thing
    5. Be modest and know your priorities.
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    4 Celebrity Makeup Tips And What We Think

         Rihanna just had to turn our heads by doing that makeup tutorial with Vogue and she definitely had a lot to say but of course she gave out several makeup tips that I thought were useful, so I decided to go on a hunt for celebrity makeup tips and this means I had to watch several makeup tutorials and in the end picked 4 I thought people could relate to.

    She said, ‘’Contour your face for your face and not how youtubers do it”
    This is so true because a lot of us after watching youtube makeup tutorial feel like we have to do our makeup exactly how it they do it. I know this because I am guilty. I used to do my contour exactly how my favorite youtuber used to and it always looked weird so I thought I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t doing it wrong and you are not either, contour has to be done for your face and the person doing the makeup tutorial might not have the same face as you do. You have to find what works for your face.

    She puts very little and almost invincible foundation to avoid a cakey makeup.
    Although this is a good tip, this doesn’t work for everyone. There are so many ways to prevent a cakey makeup, there’s face primer, powder, setting powder and so many others. You don’t have to look like you are mincing your foundation. Foundation is an all-rounder; it is the base of your makeup. It is supposed to help absorb every other product. Kendall has a flawless face and uses a very pricy and high quality foundation so using a little might be enough for her, but for someone like me i am dark skinned and the colour of my face changes a little from time to time which means sometimes my foundation is a little bit darker or lighter than my face and when this happens I need to apply enough foundation all over my face or I will look like half of my face got wiped off. So Kendall we don’t really know about this.

    Apply eyeliner with your eyes open 

    If you haven’t been doing this, I suggest you try it especially if you use liquid eye-liners. Closing your eye while applying liquid eyeliner might ruin your makeup. This has happened to me before, I closed my eyes and the eyeliner enters in my eye and my eye turns all black, it was very scary and I thought I was going to lose my eye, it wears off after a minute but the experience is bad. Besides that applying eyeliner with your eyes open lets you know what direction your wing is going and avoid making mistakes especially when you are like me and can’t still have a perfect eyeliner no matter what.

    Shay Mitchell
    She uses white mascara before black mascara
    The white mascara serves as a primer and it is just getting your eyelashes ready for your actual mascara. This is a very good tip especially when you are not someone who likes artificial eyelashes. Using white mascara makes your eyelashes longer and thick. `

    Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to like, share and comment

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    How To Take Care Of Your Hair (Natural Or Not)

           Natural hair this, natural hair that! Although I envy people who have natural hair, I am quite contented with my hair not being natural. As you all know now I have a YouTube obsession. I realized most of the hair tutorials on YouTube are for natural hair. For someone who doesn’t have a natural hair I also want to know how to take care of my hair, so I did a couple of research and here we are. These are a few tips on how to take care of your hair both natural and non-natural hair. I would like to say that we all have different types of hair and these are tips that have worked for me and will work for most people and also one thing to note about hair treatment is some things that seem wrong actually work, so you have to be open to trying new things.

    • Regular washing not every day washing
         Some people wash their hair every time they take their bath or get a chance to wash it. This is wrong because it leads to loss of hair. You don’t want to not wash your hair at all, you just have keep a little distance between the last time you washed it and the next time you are going to be washing it. It could be like 3 or 4 days distance as long as you do not wash it every day.
    • Avoid using hot water to wash your hair
         I used to do this because I thought it just made sense to wash my hair with hot water, turns out it doesn’t. Using hot water worsens the condition of your hair. It makes your hair dry out and then it starts to tangle which leads to breakage. What you need is cool water that won’t make your hair dry out or use warm water to wash you hair to remove dirt and product build up then use hot water to seal up your conditioner.
    •  Trim your hair from time to time
          This is very important, although this might not seem like something you should be doing. Trimming your hair makes it grow. Your hair won’t grow unless you cut it. You cut it a little and it keeps on growing back. At first I did not like to do this because I was trying to grow my hair why would I still be cutting it, but now have gotten used to cutting it a little bit and this doesn’t only make it grow, it also helps to make the length of your hair even.
    • Avoid tight hair bands
          This particular one I don’t think I would ever obey because most of the time my hair is packed up and I love my pony tail tight but apparently this is wrong using tight hair bands leads to hair breakage due to brittle hair and you are not supposed to tie your hair too tight because this is basically putting too much pressure on your scalp and has a bad effect on your hair
    • Conditioning your hair
         Conditioning your hair is also very important, it makes your hair soft and makes it easy for you to comb through it especially for people with really strong hair. You should condition your hair from time to time to remove dirt and cleanse your hair.
    •  Use protection for your hair
        You can always get your preferred hair treatment just to make sure you are taking care of your hair there are several creams and oil that you can use in treating your hair. Using a heat protectant is important for times when you are blow drying or straightening your hair so your hair is able to absorb the heat and not break out from it. You can also use protectant before dyeing your hair or putting any chemical in your hair.

    Your hair is like your skin and you have to be careful because using the wrong products for your skin will affect it, this is the same for your hair the wrong product weakens your hair and once it is affected it gets worse until you can find a proper treatment for it. Another good tip is to tie your hair with a satin or silk piece to avoid breakage. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to like, share and comment.



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         The Ramadan month is gradually coming to an end and some of us would like to receive gifts from our families and friends. You might be wondering why giving people gifts for Eid is even necessary but it is, it could be a way of encouraging your children to fast another year, it could be a way of thanking your wife for cooking for you through the fasting if that is how it works for you both. It is just a way to show people you love and appreciate

    them. Here’s a list of gift you could give or receive this year’s Eid.

    •  Intimate gifts
            These are the gifts you could give to your family or friend basically people that are very close to you, your parents, siblings, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or people you live with. This could be scents,necklace, wristwatch, bracelet, earrings and so on.
    •  Islamic gifts
           These are gifts that have a thing or two to do with Islam. You could give these types of gifts to someone you don’t know so well, maybe someone from your mosque that you pray together, your imam or someone you think who love Islamic gifts. This could be a Quran, praying mat, an Islamic book, a cup with Islamic quotes, Hijab, Scarfs for praying and so on.
    •  Food
            I am hundred percent in support of these type of gift, if have been fasting for 30 or 29 days of course I want food. You could take your children out to eat on Eid, you could bring food to a friend’s house, and you can also bring a bunch of fruits just in case the food is a lot of work. A lot of people that are like me would want this particular type of gift because Food is always the best.

    Thank you very much for reading.
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    Best Looks: CDFA Award Red Carpet Fashion

          The CFDA (Council Of Fashion Designers of America) awards is organized in June every year to honor designs and designers. It is referred to as the Oscars of Fashion. This year, several fashion influencer awards were given to celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian.

           I was looking forward to Rihanna attending because for me and many other people the highlight of CFDA awards 2017 was Rihanna’s sheer gown. She turned heads last year’s CFDA Awards when she wore it.

    Unfortunately Riri did not attend this year’s CDFA but other celebrities brought there A-game, here are images of some of our best looks

    Thank you for reading.

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    3 Tips To Improve Your Power Dressing Skills

          Power dressing has been around for a very long time and it is gradually becoming ‘’the thing’’ we constantly see on runways these days. Although, some people think of fashion as just a mere thing, majorly an individual’s personal style or how clothes are being worn and made. You might have heard this before but Fashion is a lot more than that and here’s why. Fashion for a long time has been a way or means of representing oneself, this can be seen in the idea of power dressing. Power dressing is seen as a representation of the movement for women empowerment and struggle against women marginalization in acquiring political positions. The 70s was the era of power dressing, whereby women replaced peasant dresses, floral patterns with suits, pant trousers, pencil skirt and the likes. The transition was very important because women had little or no roles in Politics and were seen as inferior to men, mimicking the way men dressed was symbolic in such a way that this new way of dressing was to symbolize the equality between men and women.

    • Victoria’s power dressing is EFFORTLESS
          Power dressing is always effortless; basically you are supposed to look like you are not even trying. Victoria Beckham has a way of power dressing that makes it look like she didn’t put in too much effort but she still looks
    • Wear those HEELS
          We all love feeling comfortable but at the same time we can all agree that wearing heels gives you some kind of confidence you can’t get with your slip-on, there’s a change in the way you walk and even the way your body moves. Heels make you look confident and that’s all power dressing is about.
    • SUIT up
          Nothing says Power Dressing as much as suits when I say suit up I don’t necessarily mean the basics like wearing pencil skirt and some suit jacket, I mean those sexy feminine pants that compliments your figure and throw that amazing blazer waiting to be worn in your closet.

    Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to like, share and comment.
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    5 Must-Haves For Summer

       In kicking off our summer must-have, I would like to be a little selfish and talk about myself just a tiny bit. You know how having a summer body is so important, Yass! I have got my summer body and I feel so good about this, I want to show off (bikini kind of thing) but its freezing cold so I guess that’s a NO! All have been doing is eating and sleeping a lot, doing basic exercises and it appears to be working for me. Anyways, now that have kicked the summer body part of the list, here’s a few other summer must-have for every girl.

    • Sunglasses:
           For summer you have got to have as much sunglasses as possible and for this summer we are going all the way out with the vintage sunglasses, it’s literally everywhere and we love it. I have ordered a few from eBay and it is so inexpensive and cool. 

    • Straw bag:
            If you have read our article on basket bag then you already know about my love for basket bags. It’s unique, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all very cheap, you don’t have to break the bank for this beauty.

    • Sneakers:
            I have constantly found myself on every website I normally buy things looking for sneakers and this is because I would be going to a lot of places this summer and I feel the need to get a pair or two pairs of sneakers mainly because it is comfortable to work around in sneakers than heels. For me now, heels are a nighttime thing so you would catch me wearing sneakers in daylight. I can’t say the same for everyone but I know summer is all about going places, looking fly and wearing sneakers to most places where you have to walk around is a damn good idea.

    • Mini bags:
             This is also for comfort and style; you don’t want to go around carrying your big bags, which is like not even in vogue anymore. What you want to do this carry those small little cute mini bags everywhere this summer, just don’t say it was me when the bank is all broken, because just like you am about to order a few.

    • Killer Bikini:
            Hello! Would it even be a summer must-have series without the bikini part? Of course not! Like I said earlier this year we are going all the way this time in killer bikinis (I don’t even know why I call it that). A little tip: Aliexpress has extra cool bikinis (am talking Kylie Jenner type of bikinis) at a very affordable price.

    What are your summer must-haves?

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    10 Braids Hairstyle For Summer

    As part of our summer series we would be taking a cue from some of our favorite celebrities to decide which braids will be best for summer 2018.


    Yara Shahidi


    Nicki Minaj

    Kim Kardashian West

    Jada Pinkett Smith

    Alicia Keys


    Blac Chyna

    Justin Skye

    Tell us which one of these is your favorite and whose braiding you will be making

    Xo Tundun

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    The Nigerian Male Shoe Making Industry.

    ‘Fault My Shoes‘ – Said A Nigerian Man.

               A Man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up. Footwear like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid recently. The Nigerian shoe making industry has developed in capacity, creativity and link – building
    across international markets among other initiatives.
    The industry sets to be taken by storm in the global market and contribute largely to the Nigerian economy, industrialization and also to create job opportunities. Shoe makers in Nigeria are producing quality shoes to compare with the Standard already created by the Italian shoe industry and other global brands, which were the benchmark of the industry for years.
              Nevertheless reeducation of the consuming Nigeria populace is a necessity, as the industry aim to be amongst the top shoe making industry around the globe, by producing top notch shoes designs with high quality materials so as to be taken serious and make the Nigerian shoe industry a go to industry while sourcing for amazing shoes.
    Thus ‘I have seen a lot of really high quality shoes crafted in Nigeria but are not well appreciated by Nigerians not to talk of global appreciation‘.
               However, most of these shoes are made of high quality leather, which are being imported. This seems to be a major issue in the shoe making industry in Nigeria. The lack of unionism to solicit Government funding, the high rate of importation sometimes, faces a a series of delays in getting the materials such as government policy or documentations issues, also power supply is another major issue the shoe making industry deals with.
                 The productivity of the shoe industry in Nigeria is therefore affected. Shoe makers now seek alternatives in making rubber shoes as a replication of leather shoes.
    Various factors have contributed to the growth of the Nigerian shoe industry with available evidence from ancient African culture. Some shoe makers in Nigeria have creatively added to the scent of the new shoe trends and creating unique shoe designs by staying in tune with the global best practice which can’t be ignored by Nigerian Gentlemen.

    The entertainment industry grows, the use of social media is largely acknowledged and the world hears the echoes of a nation(Nigeria) The shoe making industry should elevate drastically due to the level of innovations incurred and quality products produced which sees the Nigeria shoe industry to lead the African market and yet there’s little or no presence outside of the continent.
    Shoe Making brands in Nigeria should collaborate strategically with elites and top celebrities by making the Nigerian made shoes available for them to be worn to events outside of the continent and develop a channel like
    exhibitions, trade fair and E-commerce platforms where people outside of Nigeria can easily access the Nigerian made shoes.
    It’s of importance to the Nigeria shoe makers to create a solid network that takes advantages of sophistication, quality and low price as to put the Nigerian shoe industry on the global map.

    Here are some Nigerian shoe making brands;

    Instagram; @beauty_matics
    Instagram: @Solely_eko
    Instagram; @Gafasandals
    Instagram: @Yikodeen.
    Instagram: @O.g_shoes
    Instagram: @Danyatch

    Instagram; @kicksbymarv
    Instagram; @nineteenthshoes
    Instagram; @maliko_ng

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    Tips On How To Define Your Style This Summer.

    Alté, Alté!

    It’s summer time and I’m staying fresh on my level. Yeah, you should as well. Every season has its particular hallmarks for how to style and look great. Summer styling is an exception for me though and I presume it’s the same for most of you guys -considering how much preparation has been made for the season
    and also the wavy events the season comes with. 

    The saying; ‘the smallest dog barks the loudest’?
    Hold on, let me make my points.
    A beautiful woman doesn’t need to be convinced by anybody she’s beautiful, a rich man doesn’t need no one to convince him that he’s rich and you a jiggy man don’t need anyone to convince you what a jiggy man you are.
    Let’s admit it can be a real struggle to find a style that represents our personality, coolness and brings us positive vibes!
    We’ve probably been there at least once… Anyways why exactly is this important to us? Personally, the impact of styling ‘yourself’ goes beyond a good first impression; great styling is also about confidence, personality and being
    feisty in your own unique way.

    Quick tips on defining your individual style this summer.
    1. Perform a Wardrobe Audit: Know the stock of your current wardrobe, consider what you currently own and the persona you want to represent to the world. Does this match with the pieces in your wardrobe? If not, then it’s time you evolve your look and try something new.
    2. Choose Your Style Icon: Make a mental note of the man who demonstrates impeccable taste in your eyes. We all have our favourite style icon(s) who reflect our preferred personal style. Pinpoint the items you would like to replicate so you can transform these trends into your personal style.
    3. Signature Pieces: Men with a strong sense of style generally have a signature piece or two that becomes part of their style identity. Find your favourite piece that you can incorporate into your outfit.
    4. Lifestyle/Self-Image: Dressing to fit in with your day-to-day activities and rituals helps your day flow with ease to represent your lifestyle and self image.
    5. Odd Man Out: Like it or not, you can’t look all fly when you’re dressed like the next man. Use your signature piece, identify items that don’t match your wardrobe and give your power styling effortlessly.
    6. Stay ‘Jiggy’(Consistency): We can all admit this; finding a personal style is tasking and it’s an ongoing process. But when you get that Mojo style; look spruce, don’t give up and stay defining your style. There you go.
    7. Take A Picture: Take sick pictures, move into the city like that ‘Jiggy-Man’, turnup at the squad rendezvous looking like a whole snack and be the ‘fashion-killa’ at that summer hangout. Let the Paparazzi take pictures-it lasts longer.
    8. Repeat Defining!!: Here, I can listen to hundred of songs in a day but I’d still find myself whistling that favourite jam in my head. It’s a bit funny how we can apply this to our dressing habit. So take a good look at your wardrobe and look for any items that have the same taste as your style, create a magical playlist in your closet that is constantly in tune with your style and that’s how you get all the sauce.
    Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and comment.
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    4 Luxurious Must-Haves For Every Girl Right Now

        First of all, please do not attempt to buy any of these if you don’t have a lot of money to spare. I have always created a list of things to buy when I have money, although people always say it is safer to create your list after you get the money but creating a list or having a plan before the money comes works well for me so I always know what I want to use any money coming in for.

       However, this is an entirely different thing because I don’t have a luxurious list created personally for myself, I don’t know when am going to be rich but I know there is a feeling that comes with buying something new and expensive for yourself like eating good food or going on vacation to a boujee island. The feeling is refreshing and since we can’t get enough of that feeling I have created a list of expensive things you need to buy right now.

    • Diamond Earrings
            Nothing screams boujee or Luxury like a pair of diamond earrings. The price of diamond earrings ranges from about 5000 dollars to about 70, 000 dollars and more depending on the diamond carat, you can never go wrong with this BLING, wearing this might as well make you the FLASH.

    • Hermes bag
              Out of all expensive bags, I personally adore Hermes bags, it represents class and quality. The Kelly Hermes bag has been chosen out of all Hermes bag because of how outstanding it is, Kelly is definitely one of the most beautiful bags ever with a price that is just as beautiful. The Kelly bag is worth (drumrolls
    please) a total sum of 2,000,000 dollars.

    • Patek Philippe wrist watch
               This is the 18 carat rose gold diamonds ladies watch and it is worth more than 20,000 dollars. I love wristwatches and when am rich I would definitely buy the most expensive wristwatches I can find, on that note the price of this wrist watch makes me feel bad for thinking twice about the apple series watch which is only about 300 dollars.

    • Leather Coat
               There’s no complete lifetime closet without a leather Coat. Leather coats last very long due to the amount of handwork and also the quality of leather used. A leather coat will stay with you for a lifetime if you want because they never go out of style. This is a Calvin Klein trench leather coat and it cost 3,398 dollars.
    which one of these luxurious items would you like to get?

    Xo Tundun
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    How To: Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

          Social media has gradually become the best way to promote one’s business or brand; however it is a crowded place you have to struggle to get even one percent of people to notice you, your brand or your business. I created a social media plan months ago for my brand which is still in process and I have decided to share with you what have learned about social media and how to get people on your side.

           You definitely already know that your images matter when it comes to social media, however the importance of images can never be overemphasized. When talking about pictures, three questions often come to my mind; whose picture, what does the picture represent and what kind of people or audience will these pictures help you attract. The answers to these questions will help to get you started; it will provide for you a steady pattern which you can follow on every post.
          One thing I have realized about social media is you can be flexible but not dynamic, if you post about one thing today and something else tomorrow you might confuse your audience and you can’t do that. People want originality, depending on what your brand is about or what you are trying to promote. For instance; on Instagram I follow certain people because of what they have to offer me or what I can gain from their page, imagine following
    someone who sells shoes, you need a new shoe and go on their page just to see that the person now sells gadgets.

            You can never be too consistent with social media especially when you have a business to run or brand to build. I understand if this is a problem for you because am not a very consistent person either especially with social
    media, I am not the kind of person that would wake up 8am to post pictures, am not even the type of person that would wake up 8am at all but consistency helps to grow your social media.
            The good news is that there are now several applications that help you plan when to post and possibly what to post and social apps like instagram, the instagram stories help you keep up with your audience. The important thing
    is for you to stay relevant, be interesting and try new things. No matter how much followers you have unless you are a big celebrity like Kylie Jenner the moment you become a ghost on social media, it will be hard to make a comeback.

    Give back
            Giving back is also important not only on social media but life in general. If you are hoping to make lots of money from social media you need to learn to give back. I like to think of myself as a logical person and I don’t
    like people making money off me unless am getting something in return, it might not be in form of money, it could be encouragements, information about certain things, and so on.
          The common way people give back on social media is give away packages and all which I feel like is a very good way to bring people closer and just thank them for their follow and comments. You can also reply people’s
    comments on your posts and all, you have to understand that the little things matter. The day Nicki minaj replies my comments on her post will be the best day of my life, just saying.

    Thanks for reading, Xo Tundun

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    How To Plan A Picnic Like A Pro

            Summer is here and there is no better time of the year to hold picnics than this. The concept of picnic in the part of the country where I school is quite different from the actual concept of holding a picnic. I have been to a few picnics in my school and it seemed to me as an excuse to have a party, there was loud music, people dancing and there was no food; Yes! It was definitely a party that was called a picnic. A picnic is a gathering, most of the time an intimate gathering of two or more people at a place to eat, talk, have fun and just relax. Here are the following steps to plan your perfect picnic:

    • Location:
                 The first thing is to get a location for your picnic; most picnics are held by families, couples or about to be couples. It is advisable to get a quiet place (not dead quiet) where you can bond and have some alone time and just have fun. Places like these are: the beach, a garden, a resort, and so on.

    • Food:
                   The next thing is the food, you have to decide what type of food you want to eat and whether you are to order take out or cook from home. It is advisable to take something light whether you are cooking from home or ordering your food, the food should be something like a brunch. It is better to have something simple and light you can put in a basket like pizza, you don’t want to be carrying 4 or 5 coolers to the beach especially when you are a couple. I would also recommend food that doesn’t require using cutlery.

    Things to pack for your picnic:
    1. Games such as: Cards, Ludo or Chess
    2. Hand towels
    3. Plates, knifes and spoons.
    4. Mat and Blankets
    5. Cups
    6. Napkins
    7. Water
    8. Sunscreen
    9. Bug spray
    10. Ice Pack
    11. Camera
    12. Trash
    13. Bags  and Wet Wipes
    How do you plan your picnic?
    Xo Tundun
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    Basic Rules For Men’s Fashion

          If there is anything that gets attention for men it’s what he’s seen as, what a man wears can either make

    him look like a moron or a classic man.
    As every man knows, looking effortlessly fashionable often requires, ironically a whole lot of effort.
    Men’s fashion (at least for average men) is really safe and flexible and can as well be tasking and rigid.
         In the most basic sense, there are just such common choice for men that you’d
    best avoid in order to distinguish yourself a bit or a lot.
    There are only a few basic rules to go by and they certainly don’t fail.
    Here are tips on how not to look like a moron but a classic man.

    1. Blank t-shirts always works: Yeah! A lot of guys don’t realize that simple fact. Really it’s incomprehensible, You can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt. A blank one especially if you want to wear it under a shirt. And a plus … It’s cheaper.
    2. Business is formal: Business shirts are formal, they are meant to be kept under your belt, button up, look great and smart. Keep it formal.
    3.  Own some informal shirts: You always want to play safe meeting up with a client or maybe duty call during the weekend, you don’t necessarily have to be all formal, be flexible and look incredible.
    4. Always have a pressed white shirt: It’s often all you need, you can always turn to your closet pick it up and roam around knowing you’ve got no worries. 
    5. Socks should match your trousers, not your shoes or just wear black it’s safe: It actually looks worse to have two colours that are slightly different shades in your outfit, what’s worse is two very different ones. Your pant don’t blend with your socks? Wear black. No stress
    6. Do not wear striped ties with striped shirts: Never go wrong with tie matching stripe on stripe does not make any sense visually, don’t try it, Ever!
    7. Own every kind of watch: Why? Because you’re a grown up. Own it all to ups your street style cred.
    8. Your trouser has belt loops? Wear belt always!: Your waist band looks weird with belt loops doing nothing! The only exception would be if you’d be pulling off suspender, that’s an advance choice. Keep it simple, wear a belt!
    9. Your belt should match your watch strap and your shoes: Detailing, that’s all that I can say.
    10. Not more than one piece of jewelry on each limb: Young man, you’re trying to look stylish and classic not gangsta, be soft and be jiggy.
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    Fashion Pieces That Instantly Makes You Part Of The Cool Kids

         People who follow or constantly stalk models like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and others like I do probably know exactly what kind of fashion pieces makes you a cool kid in this day and time but if you don’t you know I always got you. One thing I feel like I need to clarify is that these fashion pieces have no particular age, so if you are over 30 and you feel like this type of dressing isn’t for you, trust me it is because this is what everyone is wearing.

    •  Fanny Pack
                  The fanny pack takes you way back to the 80s or the 90s (not sure I wasn’t born then) It has definitely been around for a very long time and we love it, wearing a fanny pack now is almost like wearing Christian Louboutin’s red bottoms in 2010 and am saying this because no one wears red bottoms anymore unless it’s 2010 again or it’s your wedding day and even that is farfetched. All I’m trying to say is get you a fanny pack now.
    • Track suits
                     Track suits are my favorite for two reasons; they are comfortable and versatile. Versatile in the sense that you can wear a track suit and look boujee in other words expensive, you can also wear a track suit and look like a nerd or even just sporty the list goes on and on depending on what you pair with it. Track suits whether it’s just the tops or the pants should be your go to outfit when you have nothing to wear. You can never go wrong with black track pants, white top and white sneakers, Word!
    • Big T-Shirts
               This is also another favorite for me because it is comfy and super cool. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s just always a vibe that comes with wearing oversized clothes. Its super chill and you can never go wrong with it, a big t-shirt with bum shorts and ankle strap heels, Bomb!
    • Extra cool denim jackets
                There are denim jackets, there are also cool denim jackets and now there are extra cool denim jackets, am talking extra distressed, fringe denim jackets, crop denim jackets, embellished denim jackets, hand painted denim jackets, denim jackets with ties, denim kimono jackets and so on. Adding any of these types of jackets to an outfit will make you a pro cool kid.
    • Super long coats
               Long coats are very close to my heart because I love the vibe it gives, a rich vibe. Long coats instantly make your outfit look expensive no matter how cheap what you are wearing is, it transforms your outfit from ordinary to extra-ordinary especially when the coat is in a pastel color or just black, I can assure you that you will look very Chic.
    • Bomber Jacket
                Bomber jackets come in different types and it is the one am most familiar with especially in school when I am late for a class, a pair of jeans, top, sneakers and of course a bomber jacket it is almost like a uniform. Bomber jackets go with everything possible and my favorite bomber jackets are the satin ones.
    • Super cool shoes
             Having super cool shoes is also a part of being a cool kid. There is no owning cool clothes with wack shoes, it just doesn’t work that way and I would have to say there are specific type of shoes worn by the cool kids and some of them are:
    • Trendy tops
             There are certain tops acceptable in the cool kid world, cool kids love their crop tops, turtlenecks, off shoulder, tube tops, tank tops, bodycon tops, sheer tops and so on.
    • Cool sunglasses
               If you have read my previous articles about sunglasses, you know I always emphasize about how important sunglasses are these days and how interesting of an accessory it is to add to your outfit. We cool kids love our sunglasses very much and in case you are wondering why I said we, I am a cool kid too.
    •  Biker shorts
               It is always important to save the best for last, the biker shorts is probably the most trendy of all these fashion pieces at the moment, it has been made popular by Kim Kardashian who has slayed the biker shorts in every way possible. You have no choice but to own at least 5 of it.

    Thank you for reading, Xo Tundun
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    Music And Fashion: A Correlation Of Tune And Style.

    ·     Currently Listening To A$AP Rocky – ‘Fashion Killa’ Music has been described by various people

    according to genres, style and taste. Fashion also can’t be defined but we deduce what fashion means to us as individuals and relate it to our various/diverse style and taste.
          Clearly there’s an intersection between music, culture and fashion trends. Recently music artists tend to set trends for those who love their music and we see emulation of their lifestyle in our today society.

    The fashion world has connected with the music industry as we have endorsements of fashion brands by A-list musicians through their social media, music videos and even adverts of These brands.

           This has seen musicians venture into the fashion industry drastically, owning fashion labels like Kanye West with Yeezy in partnership
    with Adidas, the African Star Boy, Wizkid walk the runway for Dolce and Gabbana in Italy along side Tinie Tempah, Rihanna taking a major step by starting Fenty in collaboration with Puma and the Nigerian-UK based grime artist Skepta was part of the unveiling of Nigeria 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits for Nike. These are a few among many.

    Music and fashion have created more than a hallmark that directly influences individual choices in tune and style.

    Perspectives on music and fashion.

       Fashion is an art that deserves more accolades; Fashion manifests itself in more than clothing, but also in feelings. Music is a world within itself. For me, it’s a way of venting negative emotions and calming myself down as it puts me in a better mood. Music is a kinda weird force that seems deep into my heart, stimulates my mind when I’m in a confused state and it eases me when my emotions wants to get in the way of my decisions.
    These arts are intertwined. Imagine having fashion, a creative outlet that constantly improves with great music. It’s nothing but pure positivity.

    HassyAhmed, Lifestyle Blogger. 

    Music and fashion for me are like intertwined. I live on music basically. When people ask me why I dress how I dress, tell them I dress according to my mood. personally my mood is affected by the kind of music I listen to or the kind of music I feel like listening to at a moment. The song I listen to when I wake up in the morning surely affect my mood, so how I am feeling is how my dressing happens.

    I work with sound and my dressing happens with sounds, Sounds give me feels, if I hear a certain sound I don’t know how to explain it but I dress accordingly to that feel. 

    Presently I’m wearing sweatshirts cos I’m feeling like Meh and I have been listening to Jorja Smith.

    AdnanGh’zali,  Photographer/Digital Artist.

         If i’m gonna be honest, None of those things influence my choice Music doesn’t the artist does Take for example, Kendrick inspires what I decide to put on, The music itself doesn’t, his lifestyle does. Don’t get me wrong though Music clears my head, but most of what the artist says is what I already know and have been doing So i’m pretty much okay.

    Tumi Adeyemi. Music Enthusiast.

            Music is a channel in which ideas, emotions and thoughts are conveyed to unknowingly affect the emotions. Fashion is the manner in which the emotions and thoughts are being displayed. Music for me is a very important thing in my life, music is something I can easily relate to. It has reflected in my lifestyle. Fashion gives the public a look at my identity and music has helped me identify that. I know what suits me, what looks better on me as far as fashion trends goes, I have opened up my style into creating new fashion trends for

    myself given the music on my playlist.

    Oshimega Odior, Creative Director.

          Music is my mood, I feel part of the gangsta thug life when I be bumping Hip Hop (Rap music) and when I’m doing the R’n’B I’m pretty much normal. My sense of styling reflects on my kind of music to be honest; It's just me trying to be me, me trying to let the world know I am weird and if you can’t relate to how I dress… You can’t talk to me.

    Ayakeme-Abasi, Fashion Enthusiast.

            Music influences my style yes, it depends on my mood and the kind of music I’m listening to, Take for instance when I listen to Artic Monkeys I just want to wear sweats and jeans lol And artists getting into the fashion industry are just trying to express their music through clothes .

    Mixing their style with their music I guess.

    Ocheje Hannah, Event Host.

    Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and comment.

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    We Want The Youths To Know.


           I haven’t stayed in Lagos for a complete month this year (2018). Definitely I miss the pop up events full of good vibes, networking, amazing atmosphere, beautiful faces and opportunities.
    What better time to attend one when a close friend and work partner is exhibiting his works for the first time? Why not go show love and support knowing the benefits that comes with it?
    It was 1st Of August 2018 when ‘We Want The Youths To Know’, a three days event kicked off at Terra Kulture Victoria Island, Lagos; themed Success Stories. A Canon sponsored event.
    A lot of creative minds were in the house including those who came in to exhibit, show support, hangout and more. It’s my kind of party.
    The popular celebrity photographer TY Bello was live on stage, gave a speech on the journey to becoming a photographer, sharing her success story with the audience as the theme of the event says.
    I couldn’t catch any; Lagos Danfo made me miss her talks. The clips I watched were just not enough! I didn’t miss out on all the fun though. I met some old friends during the recess to reminisce and catch up with what had been happening in everyone’s life.
    After the recess, a canon representatives who is also a photographer talked about camera innovations, tips on what camera works best for a genre making, difference between DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras clear.

    It was a worthwhile experience as the walk to networking in this creative space continued.

    So here I grabbed something to share on;

    You might have been wondering what it takes on shooting portraits and getting an amazing outcome, here are steps on…
    Creating Stunning Portraiture

    1. Alter your perspective
    2. Play with eye contact
    3. Break the rules and composition
    4. Experiment Light
    5. Move your subject out of the comfort zone
    6. Shoot candidly
    7. Introduce a prop
    8. Focus on one body part; Get closer
    9. Obscure part of the subject
    10. Take a series of shots
    Thank you for reading, please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
    , Xo Tundun.
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    Fashion And Confidence

        I haven’t written in a while, these past few months for me has been a roller coaster full of so many ups and downs mostly downs but am glad that am still here, I feel good about myself and I am happy to be alive and you should be too. Growing up I watched reality TV shows like how do I look? And am very thankful for such TV shows because it really shows to you that no matter who you are or where you are or what you do you are always going to be addressed by appearance and most of the times it’s not really your fault or the fault of the people addressing you, it’s just that fashion represents you and what you are wearing will give people an insight of who you could be not necessarily who you are.

         For Instance; here in Nigeria when you see a mad man you run without first having a conversation with him or even analyzing his behavior if he is mad or not, I know because when I see a man wearing dirty and extremely torn clothes am going a different direction, I don’t even want to know if he is mad or not and thinking about it now am asking myself, what if he wasn’t mad? What if he was abducted or was in an accident? There are several possibilities to why he could have been dressed like that but my first impression is that he is mad and my instinct is to run.
         In this same way what you are wearing affects you yourself, wearing something you don’t like or feel comfortable in could ruin your day. Several months ago I went for an event and I thought about the outfit I was going to wear, it looked very good in my head maybe even perfect until I wore it and I hated it but I did not have enough time to change so I went like that, on getting there I took a picture and I realized I looked like someone’s grandmother, it wasn’t funny because I felt horrible, I couldn’t take another picture and I was always looking over my shoulder for people laughing at me and all(I don’t think anyone was though because it wasn’t even as bad as I
    thought), I sat down and started looking at people who looked great and wore something appropriate unlike me and it just ruined my day. It wasn’t a good experience but it also made me realize how much how I looked affected me. This has nothing to do with self-esteem, it is just you feel good when you look good.
         Being able to wear something, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful and sexy you look is the ultimate confidence and that is what fashion does for you. Whether you are going for an interview, work or just going out for fun look at your mirror and make sure whatever you are wearing is giving you all the confidence you need and if it’s not change that shit! What do you think about fashion and confidence, have you ever felt less confident because of how you look? 

    I would like to know so comment below↓

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    Official Fall Essentials From Us

    Fall is officially upon us, even though here in Nigeria we don’t have fall as a season of the year, I like to act like we do so I can buy many

    things I want and would have needed if I lived in such countries. It is also an opportunity to check things of my list but more importantly preparing other people for the seasons we don’t have here is like therapy for me and I also think it is important that you know that all of the things I have put together aren’t only for the fall, you need these for the rest of the year. Just know when I tell you, you need something you absolutely do so here are some fall essentials that will be necessary for you throughout the fall season and the entire year.

    • You need coats because everything about coats just screams fall!• What is the fall season with no stripes?

    • The fall season is the denim season

    • All the simple accessories you can think of

    • Out with the sneakers, In with the Boots.

    Thank you for reading and let me know what you would be getting for Fall

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    The Glossy Eye Trend: Why And How

          School, Life… None of it has been good to me , I am not sure if it is part of growing up but have had a lot of life changing things happen to me these past few months but am still here with the hope that tomorrow is definitely going to be better. I am not a motivational speaker, i honestly don’t believe any of the things they say but if you’re reading this I am using this opportunity to tell you, the same way i tell myself everyday, ”You’re not done yet, so don’t give up.”

        Back to the real reason am writing this, the glossy eye trend has been around for a while now, it’s one of those trends that people don’t start to dig until after a while and i have to say like a lot of people i hated it at first, i wasn’t sure why i would want to put lip-gloss all over my eyelids. For like about three months when i was going through several life changing things, i basically stopped using makeup, it just never occurred to me to put makeup on my face, i was way too down and when i decided to start using makeup again, it didn’t feel right.
         I was never a pro at this makeup thing and i feel like my face outgrew my old makeup routine or maybe i just didn’t know how to do it no more, it made me feel old, the whole using eye-shadow, cutting crease and all. I realized i needed to look for a new makeup routine that fit my face and did not make me look ten years older than i am, so i started looking through Instagram for makeup inspirations and I fell
    in love with Ashley’s makeup routine, she always does the glossy eyeshadow thing and I fell in love with the way it looked on her.

    FIRST ATTEMPT: I decided to try it and I hated it, it felt like glue on my eyelids, it wasn’t nice at all, it dried up and i looked like I got punched in the eye.

    SECOND ATTEMPT: I took a few pictures, still felt like glue on my eyelids but the pictures came out nice, still dried up and people kept on asking what was wrong with my eyes. I used it few more times and got used to it.

    NOW: I watched a few videos on the trend and realized the problem was the lip-gloss i was using, it was way to glossy and it dried up easily so I got a new one and Girl! this glossy eye thing is POPPING! How To:
    • Apply your eye-shadow primer
    • Apply any eye-shadow of your choice, I personally always go for a very warm color like deep brown, or wine.
    • Apply your lip gloss with a brush
    • Apply your mascara and you’re good to go.
    The best thing about this trend is it makes your eyelashes pop, really pop and it always gives this very cool and natural look.

    Thank you for reading, XO Tundun
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    Coloured Socks: The Art Of Manliness

         The humble socks keeps our feet comfortable in whatever we’re doing, weather it’s strolling around town, worn for a cooperate outing or maybe even wearing to sleep. They’re important and we tend not to think too much about it, although lately I have been considering my choice of socks critically.

    Socks- maybe not the most interesting one to read about but like me I don’t like getting the simplest element wrong. Choosing the pair of right socks is a struggle for a lot of guys, too much of thinking and opinions just add to the puzzlement.
          The Art Of Manliness is knowing how best to style your socks because one can easily go wrong with the slightest detail. However I have managed to go by the general rules of socks which I’m always guided by.
    1. Making sure the socks match each other and have no visible holes. This is an easy mistake, but sounds obvious.
    2. Choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trouser.
    3.  Pattern + Casuals: You can wear flamboyant colours and designs with casual especially with shorts.
    4. Wear white with shorts: White socks are only good with shorts, no matter how casual. I bet you we all don’t want to look like a secondary school child.
    5. Your socks should match your trousers. A man cannot go wrong following this,as it serves to create a streamlined look with no unnecessary colour contrast until the eyes meet the shoes.
    6. Go sockless – To go sockless is to play safe and easy, you can stick with going sockless with boat shoes. When it’s done right, going sockless can actually be a more sophisticated opinion.
    However, once a man has a sense of his own personal style, he should feel free to break these rules. Doing this enable him to introduce into his wardrobe a wide range of patterned and maybe even lively coloured socks that conservative dressers would avoid.
    Socks aren’t the first item in our wardrobe we give thoughts to, but they’re an important part of a man’s clothing. Like a weak link in chain, poor quality socks matched with high quality outfit risks weakening the strength of the entire look.
    Understand the Art Of Manliness picking up the right socks fabric and also colour, also always toss the safe side.

    Thank you for reading. Like, share, comment and subscribe
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    Two Trends To Be On The Look Out For

    Dear reader,

          I have searched all the possible sites and watched several videos of fashion week for the best trends I could find, I found a lot but i wasn’t satisfied so i looked some more and ended up sitting on this article for approximately two days, i was about to just give up and write about something else till i realized what i was searching for was right in my face the whole time; Puffed jackets and Pleated skirts.

          Puffed jackets as we all know has been around for a long time and will be here for as long as possible even till when I can afford to buy one from Aritzia and wear it in a more suitable country and weather condition. Puffed Jackets are the new thing of the moment and we are going to be seeing lots of it till the end of the year and i don’t know if you can tell but this makes me so excited even though i won’t be wearing one, it’s way too hot here, i am pretty satisfied seeing it on y’all.

           Well, pleated skirts are just pleated skirts, super adorable and versatile. Honestly, i have never been the skirt type of girl, you will never see me in skirts, i don’t even think i have ever bought one for myself, probably from my mom, sisters or friends but i have always had a thing for pleated skirts especially mini pleated skirts. I believe that this is just one of those trends you can’t ignore and it is so perfect for the fall season.

    Thank you for reading, Xo Tundun

    Pictures were all gotten from pinterest.

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    Zashadu “The Brand”

         For years, there are reasons why leather has always been a popular material to work with, including its durability, stylish appearance and

         Zashadu is a leading British/ Nigerian sustainable luxury brand that specialises in handcrafted leather pieces. Zashadu work with local sourced leather, farmed exotic skins and rough cut precious stones set in brass. Nigerian designer, Zainab Ashadu is Creative Director at
    ‘Zashadu’ who has a diverse background encompassing in Art curatorship, architecture, acting and fashion styling.
           Her modern, colourful creations use the ancient Art of tanning and leather-dyeing from northern Nigerian
     Zainab Ashadu fell in love with clutch bag belonging to her mother when she was younger. She has since honed her craft at London College Of Fashion. Zashadu operates in the commercial hub of Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, by a team that benefit from traditional techniques passed down through generations by q community of local artisans.
           In creating amazing pieces, Zashadu leathers come from the north’s biggest city,Kano and goatskin from ancient northwest city of Sokoto, as well as python skin from snake farm in the region.
    Zashadu creates bespoke accessories which have won a small but loyal following locally. In which private sales have been held in unexpected locations. The brand which is marketed online and has established partnership with boutiques in London, Dublin, Miami and Johannesburg.
    At them Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017, Zashadu was honoured and received the award of ‘Accessories Designer Of The Year’.

    Zashadu explore tension between quiet and elegance and unabashed glamour.

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    The Best Street Style From GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018.

    This year’s GTBank Fashion Weekend sees over 50 designers from across Africa descend on the megacity of Lagos to present their

    latest collections.

    Lagosians came out in their droves wearing their Sunday best, and once again the streets was awash with vibrant ankara and batik prints, as well as power dressing from the attendees.

    Here are some street style looks from the just concluded GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018.

    Thank you for viewing, don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.

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    Fundamental Rules Of Boots; Conscious Male.

         Boots creates the very foundation of mans ensemble. Though boots are one of the major factors considered while making a visual judgement. A good pair of boots is two things, super comfortable and stylish. However considering an array of different styles and rules of boots men’s wear can make choosing the right pair of boots a hassle.

          From style to comfort and quality to material there are number of things one must know while choosing a pair of stylish boots for men.
    There are rules guiding the choice of boots for men,

    Here are 4 fundamental rules to go by;
    1. Quality: quality is one of the main aspects one must look out for while choosing a pair of stylish boots for men’s ensemble. As all weight falls on the boots, it’s important that the boots are sturdy enough to absorb the force. Low quality of boots can make the sole fall apart. Also, not to forget that there are different materials of boots needed for different seasons. Wearing a wrong pair of boots in a particular season can cause both discomfort as well as damage to the boots.
    2. Comfort: invest in a right size of boots even if it cost you more.Severally, wrong size of boots has caused a discomfort for me to an extent by affecting my style of walking. Whereas a right sized boots can boost your confidence. The width of the boots depends largely on the style of the boots arch structure and toe structure are other important points to pay attention to while choosing a right pair of stylish boots.
    3. *Occasion*: each boots crafted with a purpose and it’s necessary to abide by the rules of using appropriate types of boots for the occasion it has been designed for. Often we make a mistake of wearing wrong type of shoe or experimenting by wearing running shoes for a casual day wear. Each boot has its special function and such experimentations can not only make your ensemble look out of balance but also cause discomfort.
    4. Care: taking proper care of boots is quite often neglected by men, If the boots aren’t waterproof one has to be careful around water as it can damage the leather. There are special types of leave her polish available for different types of leathers and should be used accordingly. Also, be careful while using leather not all materials soak perspiration and can cause damage to both boots and skin. To avoid this make sure you keep rotating through a few pair by wearing them alternatively.
    Men’s boots fashion has a long history and has evolved with time. There are different types of boots for men for different occasions and that is what makes this footwear special.

    Hope this article helped understand the fundamental rules of men’s boots. Thank you for reading, please like, comment and share.
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    Art Of Power Dressing For Modern Men.

            The concept of power dressing feels obsolete in this day and age, some would argue that the new generation power dressing is wearing what one wants. We’re so rich and important that no one is going to question us on it, but respect won’t be given either. If we actively wear bad clothes what does that say about us?

    True power dressing is a oh showing, demonstrating mastery and artistry, not flaunting wealth. It’s showing that one knows how to play by the rules and bend to a will. It’s idea of what’s appropriate; not putting clothes together like a teenager when one is expected to be the boss. Knowledge is power they say.
    However I’d be sharing few secrets to Power Dressing that I gathered.
    • Weight Don’t Matter; The weight of your outfit doesn’t matter has designers use lighter wool for every weather.
    • Steal Style; There’s absolutely no shame in trying out astyle seen on the Tv or in a magazine, be it your favourite power-dressing celeb, an influential fashion mogul or a neighbor who knows exactly how to pull off that patterned shirt, empower yourself, steal the style and take it to the street.
    • Focus On Colour Wheel; There’s enough room for experiment and add dash of if you’re bold enough. Though black probably defines the larger part of the colour wheel. If you can manage to pull off different colours seamlessly, it can certainly add personality and charm to your look
    • Get The Right Fit; A right sum of fit, cut, shade, styling and attitude sums up the core rule of power dressing. 
    • Walk Tall; Never underestimate the power of confidence when it comes to fashion and styling, A great way to appear more poised is to wear a comfortable outfit and walk tall in a pair of classic shoe.
       Power dressing is not just for your colleagues and friends, It’d probably help you impress anyone you have your eyes on. but clothes will only do less, also wear the right attitude; to look like a million bucks you on the street to get.
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              It would seem very unusual for me to have an intro if you have read my previous articles, which is why I have an experience to share with you that may or may not lead us to the point of this article. We normally have this family gathering, nothing serious just me, my mom and my sisters, where we just talk about several things going on with and around us. My mom usually being the one to always have something interesting to talk about brought up the issue of guys or girls with lots of tattoos and how much she didn’t like it. My sister made

    reference to what she(my mom) had on her face that looked very much like a tattoo. Long story short it was a tribal mark and she said she wasn’t going to get it because the process was painful but her mom had promised everyone fried-fish if they got it, she thought about how everyone was going to get fried-fish and she wasn’t, so she ended up getting the marks through a very painful process of direct hot iron from the fire.
           My point is tribal marks in Africa especially Nigeria was a very big deal, it was a way of identification, sense of belonging to the African culture and most importantly beauty. Although it might sound ridiculous to have several cuts or marks on ones body or face, I literally get so mad when a pimple leaves a scar, imagine having someone intentionally draw marks on my precious face, but this was how beauty was perceived during that period, just the way mapping out your eyebrows and filling it up with a pencil might seem ridiculous to the previous or coming generations. The ways at which we beautify ourselves differs from time to time and people of different generations try as much as possible to explore and invent ways in which they can beautify themselves.
             There are several reasons why it was important to have tribal marks, but one of the major reasons is that it was a way of identification, for instance in the Yoruba tribe alone, there are different sub tribes under it, there are the Igbominas, Egba, Ijebu, Ijesa and many more keep in mind that all these people speak different and sometimes very similar languages and have different cultures but are all still Yoruba people. The question now is how do you know who is who? Through their tribal marks while the Ondo people had marks that looked like a plain 1, the Ile-Ife people bore 3 longitudinal lines, just like that several other clans had their own patterns.

            Tribal marks as we all know now is on the verge of total extinction, no one gives tribal marks anymore and even the people that still have it go through lengths (like make-up) to make sure it is invincible. Regardless of this, tribal mark is a very beautiful thing. In the past generations, they believed a person with tribal mark was cultured and could never go missing. Although, in this present generation no one wants to give their children tribal marks because of the painful process and the permanent scar. Tribal marks even if it is not on our faces would continue to be a part of our culture.

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    Traveling Light For Holiday.

           It’s that period of the year where most of us want to visit places with family and friends, go on ‘baecation’ with that one special person

    within days or weeks. For me personally packing is a major task when it’s time for the family vacation but learning my sister’s secret I have learnt how not to overload or over pack.
           Hard to believe that just few years back, pretty much only people wearing backpacks were mostly school kids as it was considered most appropriate for them. Reasons unknown, these double strapped receptacle were always far too functional to be considered fashionable but guys, who said rules can’t be broken?
           The man’s luggage landscape in an altogether different place and these practical bags have once again the golden standard. Going on vacation is fun most times, and it’s not in every instance of traveling that we always back a big box containing half of everything we own, at these times it becomes essential to travel light… So why not to do with absolutely stylish backpack?

    When it comes to packing, people tend to fill space they have. Simplest way to pack less is to go by the rules.
    1.  Take Your Best Things
    2. Roll, Don’t Fold
    3. Wear All Your Accessories
    4. Pack Your Lightest Pair Of Shoes
    5. Be a minimalist with toiletries
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    Places To Visit In Nigeria For Holiday

             Special vacations is bonding time for most families, the connections and memories formed during such family adventure make fun stories that will last for generations. It like candy; slowly melts in the mouth, sweetening every taste bud, and make us wish it could last forever. With the festive period around, every fun loving individual should be thinking of an amazing to be with their loved ones, but here to make you think less.

    We present you a list of 11 unique places selected from across Nigeria to spend your vacation, a classic and ultra-modern environment.

    1.  Escape To An Exotic Island- Takwa Bay: Finding a fun filled place to spend holiday with the family and the loved ones, Takwa Bay is the perfect choice. It’s surrounded with crystal clear water, sandy beach and warm atmosphere. It’s the best place to experience exciting activities, Jet skiing, Water skiing, Boat cruising or having picnic on the beach. Be there!
    2. Wonderland Amusement Park And Resorts: A world class reaction centre. Offersgames and rides for all, a leisure garden for relaxing.
    3.  Jos Wild Life: Set in undulating landscape with different species of plant and picnic sites, Jos Wildfire Park hosts several wildlife.
    4. Idanre Hills: Situated in Ondo State, the beauty and the precise architectural design employed by nature in arranging of the hills is impeccable. Commune with the nature in Ondo at the Idanre Hills.
    5.  Ikongosi Warm Spring: A natural wonder flow side by side, where warm and cold spring break. The resort situated around the warm spring has various accommodation and recreation facilities suitable for family vacation.
    6. Obudu Ranch Resort:Amazing place for family vacation and resort getaway. It’s beautiful scenery and breathtaking views make it ideal for family’s reunion holiday.
    7. Lekki Conservation Centre: Biodiversity of Nigeria and wildlife. The peninsula consists of swamp and savannah habitats. The reserve is a beauty of nature in a world class environment. 
    8. Agodi Garden: Attracts every lover of life to Ibadan, a first choice recreational facility for nature enthusiasts. Also can explore the mini zoo, check out the water park as well enjoy a boat cruise.
    9. Hi-Impact Planet: Amusement Park and Resort offers world-class fun for the young and old, friends and families. There are games, rides and other entertaining attractions for the young and young at heart.
    10. Inagbe Resort: A perfect getaway adventure for families. The resorts presents a haven of pure charm and tranquility. Beautiful landmark that gives more than just sea, sand and sun. Inagbe resorts offers Quad bikes, tour to the jungle and so much more.
    Thank you for reading, do have an having holiday with family and friends. Don’t for to like,share comment and subscribe.
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    Dear Readers,

            Happy New Year, This is 2019 and it might be selfish of me to say this but it’s my time to shine. I hope you all had a blissful holiday, mine was beautiful but it’s back to work, school and maybe even reality for those of us that might have swinged into the non-reality realm like me waking up 12pm. It is always annoying to hear people say makeup is this and makeup is that, as matter of fact what a lot of people do not realize is makeup is a very beautiful thing. People most especially women should not be criticized for using makeup and am saying this because earlier today someone told me I should never use makeup again because I look better without it. This might seem like a compliment but I really don’t see it as such, Why? Don’t tell me to not use makeup.

            Women should use makeup whenever they please without being criticized. Of course I have managed to dive away from the actual purpose of my article as usual, please bear with me. I have been working on this article for a while because I felt the need to present y’all with the best. Here are three makeup products that would help jumpstart your year.


          Did you know that the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral. The Pantone color of the year is basically a color trend forecast decided by the Pantone color institute. Living Coral is the color for this year and it is an amazing color, it is vibrant yet very subtle and minimalistic. What makes more sense than getting a palette that has the color of the year? “Getting a palette that has the color of the year” I found the perfect affordable palette and it’s from DOSE OF COLORS called SASSYSIENNAS, an amazing 5 matte eyeshadow palette.


           Fenty by Riri has been an amazing and outstanding makeup brand since it came out. They have given us the best foundations and concealers for people of different colors or complexion. They went ahead to give us MATTEMOISELLE which are one of the prettiest matte lipsticks I have ever seen. You have to get this for the year and Fenty Beauty has a free shipping on your very first order, go buy yours now.


    No doubt Color Pop has one of the best and most affordable highlighters. Color Pop highlighters is definitely the highlight of the year and costs only $8. You can tell by the name “Super Shock Highlighters” that these highlighters will leave your face shook. It is available in different colors and you need to get it ASAP. 

    Thank you very much for reading. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. 

    Wishing you a  wonderful year ahead

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