Basic Rules For Men’s Fashion

If there is anything that gets attention for men it’s what he’s seen as, what a man wears can either make him look like a moron or a classic man.

As every man knows, looking effortlessly fashionable often requires, ironically a whole lot of effort.
Men’s fashion (at least for average men) is really safe and flexible and can as well be tasking and rigid.
In the most basic sense, there are just such common choice for men that you’d best avoid in order to distinguish yourself a bit or a lot.

There are only a few basic rules to go by and they certainly don’t fail.
Here are tips on how not to look like a moron but a classic man.

  1. Blank t-shirts always works: Yeah! A lot of guys don’t realize that simple fact. Really it’s incomprehensible, You can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt. A blank one especially if you want to wear it under a shirt. And a plus … It’s cheaper.
    2. Business is formal: Business shirts are formal, they are meant to be kept under your belt, button up, look great and smart. Keep it formal.
    3. Own some informal shirts: You always want to play safe meeting up with a client or maybe duty call during the weekend, you don’t necessarily have to be all formal, be flexible and look incredible.
    4. Always have a pressed white shirt: It’s often all you need, you can always turn to your closet pick it up and roam around knowing you’ve got no worries.
    5. Socks should match your trousers, not your shoes or just wear black it’s safe: It actually looks worse to have two colours that are slightly different shades in your outfit, what’s worse is two very different ones. Your pant don’t blend with your socks? Wear black. No stress
    6. Do not wear striped ties with striped shirts: Never go wrong with tie matching stripe on stripe does not make any sense visually, don’t try it, Ever!
    7. Own every kind of watch: Why? Because you’re a grown up. Own it all to ups your street style cred.
    8. Your trouser has belt loops? Wear belt always!: Your waist band looks weird with belt loops doing nothing! The only exception would be if you’d be pulling off suspender, that’s an advance choice. Keep it simple, wear a belt!
    9. Your belt should match your watch strap and your shoes: Detailing, that’s all that I can say.
    10. Not more than one piece ofjewelryon each limb: Young man, you’re trying to look stylish and classic not gangsta, be soft and be jiggy.

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Basic Rules For Men’s Fashion

If there is anything that gets attention for men it’s what he’s seen as, what a man wears can either make him look like a