Walk Up Water Fashion Show Diary

For a while now have been trying to decide what makes a fashion show a blast, is it the setting, the theme, the designs or the models. I finally came to a conclusion that it is the balance of all as none of them could work without the other. The walk on water fashion show was organized in Kwara State, Ilorin. Whether it was a blast or not is a matter of discussion.

The red carpet on the ticket was to start by 4pm, while the main event was by 6pm. We got there by 6:30 and the show did not start until 8 which for me wasn’t cool at all but it is understandable because things like this don’t start on time, but I just really expected it to have at most an hour set back considering the fact that the following day was a Monday.

I would have to really compliment the organizers for the setting and the theme. For a place like Ilorin that isn’t has developed as places like Lagos and Abuja they really blew my mind, I don’t want to say I expected less but I wasn’t expecting too much and it was just beyond my expectation. For me a fashion show that isn’t confusing is a success, have been to several fashion shows in Ilorin that were confusing. There was a particular one that the models came out like 8 mins after the previous one which definitely means it wasn’t organized and they didn’t have enough models, that was kind of a NO for me.

I was a bit skeptical about how good the designs were because the first designs that came out seemed pretty normal to me, like something you see everyday, as time went on I started seeing the designs I came for. Overall the designers had some very spontaneous designs and some that weren’t so spontaneous. These are a few designs that were nice and trendy

In general, the walk on water fashion show was good and I would like to see more of it. I look forward to going for more fashion shows in Kwara State and sharing my thoughts with you. 

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