Steps To Planning A Small Budget Photoshoot

Currently, we are at a time and period where virtually anyone can be creative with the right equipment. Creativity is no longer limited to a specified group of people, with the right phone or camera and editing applications non-photographers will create pictures as good as that of an actual photographer, although some photographers create extraordinary pictures as a result of their extravagant equipment and experience so let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s just say that with the right equipment you would be able to create pro pictures good enough to be put out there.

      Most of the times when people think photography what often comes to mind is very pricy camera and expensive camera gears but what happens when you are a small start-up brand or a person who needs to take good professional looking pictures and you are not willing to empty your wallet on all the camera bodies at least I know am not and if you are reading this, you probably aren’t either, the good thing is you don’t really need all of this to take really stunning pictures anymore thanks to modern technology, we are saved!!!

#1 Quality Image
         Quality image is really the key and this goes two ways. One is using your phone to take pictures, almost everybody has access to taking quality images with their smartphone, regardless of this it is very important  to have a smartphone with a very good megapixel just so the pictures come out as good as when you use a camera. Most people think that the only smartphones capable of producing quality images is an IPhone and a Samsung but this is only half true. Although, these phones produce good quality images there are many other smartphones you can use to take stunning pictures as well. However, if you can afford to buy any of these two phones then it’s a bonus for you.
       The second way is to get a used camera. it is very nice to get a new camera but before breaking the bank, getting a used camera will definitely save you a lot of money especially if you don’t buy the idea of using your phone to take your pictures. Get a used camera that is still in very good shape. There are so many websites you can get refurbished cameras and other camera gears such as Ebay, Amazon and so on.

#2 Know your concept
           In doing a photoshoot it is important to know your concept, this will help you determine your costume/outfit, background and setting. knowing your concept helps you organize and visualize what you are trying to achieve. For instance, you can decide to do a colourful beach concept or a graffiti concept then you know the model(s), their outfits and the setting or background has to be in-line with your concept.

#3 Background and setting
       First tip: take pictures during the day and where there is enough light. Light is very important for taking really good pictures and taking pictures during the day gives you natural light especially when you are not willing to buy all those expensive artificial photography light. 

Second tip: use places with nice walls and buildings such as hotels, resorts, old ancient buildings, graffiti walls depending on your concept. 

Third tip: Use your home as studio, this is best way to do a photoshoot on budget because you still have to pay to take photos in some places. If you decide to do your photoshoot at home, one of the best things you can do is to get a backdrop paper. A backdrop paper comes in all colours and sizes so you can pick whichever colour you want and the best thing about it is that it is very easy to use, you can just tape it to the wall. If you are taking your photos at home especially when it is indoor, lightning is still very important so you might want to use the room with the most light.

#4 Inexpensive editing applications
     Besides taking good quality photos, editing is the next important thing. There are several cheap or free editing applications you can use to make your photos superb, but you have to know how to make really good use of these applications. As a fashion blogger i always search for new ways to edit my pictures and make them look really professional. According to my research these are some of the best editing applications. If you are going to be using your laptop to edit you should use;Picmonkey, pixlr, and vectr, but if you are using your smartphone you should stand by Vsco and Facetune. These are some of the best editing applications that would make your photos look
really professional no matter what device it was taken with.

These are the steps for a planning a photoshoot on budget, please like, share and comment. Thank you

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