Slice Of Summer 2018: The Event


         The slice of summer event was organized in Succourt Garden Ilorin, Kwara State. It is an annual event organized majorly for students in Kwara State. This was my first time attending SOS although have been schooling in Ilorin for almost 4 years. I never knew events like this occurred in Ilorin. I was very excited to attend the SOS especially because one of my favorite Nigerian artiste LAX was going to perform.

        Since it was my first time attending a social event like this in Ilorin, I didn’t know what to expect, the decorations and setting was well put together regardless of the fact that rain fell and was still drizzling a lot of people came out looking fantastic. It was a lot of fun and the highlight of SOS for me was the Dj and this is not just because she is a female but she is so GOOD!!!

        I wore white crop top and a pleated flair skirt with transparent heels, basically I looked like an old lady. I wish I had thought about this outfit more but you can’t exactly blame me. I had just gotten back from school and I had about 30 minutes to dress up and this was the only outfit that seemed to make sense at that time.
As earlier said the Slice of Summer event was organized in Succourt garden which is beside the lake. The view was amazing but the cold wasn’t and the rain that was drizzling wasn’t exactly helping matters, at a point I thought I was going to freeze, like I said I didn’t think about my outfit well considering the fact that I get cold easily.

My experience at SOS 2018 was amazing and I hope to be attending again next year. 

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