Straw bags have been around for a very long time especially when you live in an African country, it is really nothing new. I have always thought they were pretty cool but not cool enough to be used in place of an handbag, maybe cool enough to take to the beach or for a picnic. Turns out I was wrong, straw bags are the coolest kind of bags.

 With the straw bags we also have the straw hat, straw mat and straw baskets, all of these are hand made and usually woven from dried grasses. Straw bags are extremely trendy and I believe we would be seeing more of it this Summer. One of the reasons why am so in love with straw bags is the smell. It has this smell to it that just let’s you know it is definitely handmade and that for me is a pass. However, this isn’t about me it is about you, here are 

5 reasons you need a straw bag.
  • Durability : you can carry your straw bags any and everywhere. There’s a straw bag for every occasion. Most importantly it is not heavy as it doesn’t have any metal or extra load attached to it. 
  • Looks: straw bags are aesthetically pleasing, especially the really small ones. It looks really cool and gives a different vibe. It feels like it is something you don’t see a lot even though it has been around for a very long time.
  • Variety: straw bags come in varieties from big to small. Recently there have been some straw bags mixed with leather in case you don’t want something that’s just plain. There are varieties of designs now you can choose from.
  • Cheap:Straw bags are so inexpensive which makes it even cooler because who doesn’t like cheap things that are really nice and of good quality. I don’t know if it is just me but whenever I buy something cheap that’s really nice, I feel like I won lottery there’s just this happiness that comes with it.
  • Unlike leather bags that starts to peel after a while, straw bags don’t. It lasts for a very long time and it’s not just the bags, the hats, baskets and so on. My mom still has straw baskets she got from 5 years ago and she won’t dispose of it.
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