Nigerians And Aso-Ebi

      Here is the thing; in Africa we all have our different culture, values and traditions however, Aso Ebi happens to be one of the very significant things we have in common especially in Nigeria. Nigeria has a whole is a culturally diversified country with the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Ibibio, Urhobo and so many more, Aso Ebi is one of those things that you find today in most if not all social events regardless of the tribe organizing it. Aso Ebi is a Yoruba word that translates to cloth or garment for the family members at least that was what it originally meant. Aso-Ebi is now for both family members and guests who can afford it, in fact in some occasions if you are a

family member and you can’t afford it you don’t get invitation to the wedding regardless of how close you are to the family.
        Aso-Ebi is used for social events or occasions such as; weddings, burials, birthdays and so on. This normal tradition has taken a different meaning amongst Nigerians it is now seen as a money making scam by most people. I personally do not attend most traditional occasions but my parents do especially my mother and it is a very personal thing for her and I feel like it is a personal thing for most Nigerian mothers too because they attend a lot of social events and there is a different Aso-Ebi for every event and most of them feel like they have to buy every               

        Aso-Ebi for every event and according to my research here is why they feel like that; There is a pressure to feel among, if you have ever been to a social event in Nigeria that you didn’t buy the Aso-Ebi you would understand this, you would feel very left out, you might not even be offered water talkless of food. Another reason is so people can buy their own Aso-Ebi when it is their own event. According to my mom she buys people’s

       Aso-Ebi so they can buy hers when any of her children is getting married. yes! Aso-Ebi in Nigeria is a ”tit for tat” thing, if you don’t buy my Aso-Ebi am not buying yours. Again, people buy Aso-Ebi in order to show their style and class. Many Nigerians will pay any amount to wear the Aso-Ebi with the best style at the party. Also, in some occasions or events they have more than one Aso-Ebi with the price range from the highest to the lowest. People go as far as borrowing money to wear the most expensive one to show off their class and

        There are also several varieties of Aso-Ebi at parties; there are ones for the bride’s friends, the mother and father of the bride and groom, the mother of the bride’s friends, the mother of the groom’s friends and so many more, the Aso-Ebi you are offered to buy as to do with your relationship with the families. At the end of the day social events end up looking as diversified as our country, the Aso-Ebi you wear determines how you are treated at the party, whether you are going to be served food or not, whether you deserve gifts, and also where you are going to be seated. A very displeasing thing about Aso-Ebi today is that the price goes as far as 200,000 upwards and this is economically wrong for a country where more than half of its citizens live in poverty.
       For a clothing you won’t be wearing more than once or twice I propose that it should be affordable and it shouldn’t be something that has so much emotional attachment to it. If people are coming to attend and celebrate your event with you, let them do just that; making it an obligation to buy Aso-Ebi before coming for your event is not something that should be happening.
         However, some people think that people sell Aso-Ebi for their events to get something back; a lot of people attending such events come to eat, collect gifts and go without giving anything to the bride or groom celebrating, so selling Aso-Ebi is a way of getting something back from the people attending, regardless of this I think that the price of Aso-Ebi should be reasonable and not obligatory.

    I personally like Aso-Ebi, it is a very wonderful part of our culture and  also love that it is not limited to just the family members anymore but it is time people understood that not everybody can afford Aso-Ebi but people still

want to celebrate with you.

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