Makeup Hacks For Every-It Girl

        One thing about makeup is it is very dynamic. It is always changing, there is always a new trend and there are so many makeup products coming out every month or week. To be honest, I have tried and I can’t KEEP up. I am not the everyday makeup girl and I know there are a whole lot of people like me out there that are not willingly to buy every makeup product possible (some people can). Basically, this article is about a few tricks I have learned from doing my own makeup and watching tons of videos on YouTube. These are few hacks that I realized are not so common and most people don’t really know about. 

  • Buy Basics
                This really isn’t a hack but one thing I have learned over the years about makeup is you don’t have to buy it all, invest your money into a few products you use on regular basis; products that are very important and essential to your everyday makeup, this might be different for each person but I feel the general products are; foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and lipsticks. The most important ones are your foundation and concealer, you might just have to close your eyes and buy the best ones because most cheap foundations without good quality and concealers don’t offer full coverage and there are several cases of people’s skins reacting to such
  • Say No to Dry Lips
          Do you ever apply a liquid lipstick and it dries out immediately? This has to be one of the many reasons I don’t buy liquid lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are no longer a trend but when they were I had to deal with my lips drying out and then peeling off which is not cool at all; then I found out if you use Vaseline to moisturize your lips before applying your liquid lipstick it doesn’t completely dry out. For those who still dig the matte trend, it still comes out matte but it doesn’t dry off your entire lip.
  • Foundations must Blend, why not?
           Guess what? we have been matching our foundations with the WRONG places.If you have been buying foundation that matches your face you have been buying the wrong products. I read this on pinterest and i realized that most of the foundations I do buy never really blends with my neck or the rest of my body and if you have been having this problem it is because you have not been buying foundations that matches your neck, the color of your face changes from time to time, it is much more exposed than the rest of your body. The next time you are buying your foundation make sure it blends with your neck.
  • Fix the Broken
              This has to be one of the major problems I have as a not very organized person, most of my eye-shadow and highlight ends up breaking apart from falling down so much or not being in the right places, after finding out about this hack; I have to say this is one of the best hacks ever. When your eye-shadow or highlight breaks apart, it is likely to break into big pieces, you would have to break those big pieces into smaller bits, add RUBBING ALCOHOL, mix and smoothen it, let it dry and voila! you have your eye-shadow or highlight back
in a piece.

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