Life Lessons Learnt From The Photography Master Class

Photography is a lot more than showing off, it tells stories that has the ability of changing people’s lives

I would have to say this was a wonderful experience and I am glad I attended. I made attempts to jot down a few things. Originally I was going to focus on photography tips I had gotten from this class, but then I realized I had gained so much more than just photography tips, I had learned from several people’s experiences and I thought I needed to share this with everyone.

  •  Life
      Isn’t about competing with other people: This was a little bit confusing to me at first as we were taught otherwise. The world is more of a capitalist organization, everyone is competing to have a better share of everything, and no one is ready to settle down for less. Not competing however doesn’t mean you are settling for less. Everyone has a special skill, something that you are excellent at. The goal shouldn’t be am trying to be better than one person, it should be am trying to be better than myself. I wouldn’t exactly say competition is a bad thing, but it hinders growth it makes your growth based on other people’s achievement.
  • Know your passion
        Dr.(Mrs) Kadir, a professor at Unilorin is also an humanitarian photographer, she said although the photography world is very competitive and it’s all about who is the most famous or who is getting the most money, she wasn’t trying to compete with anybody, she ventured into humanitarian photography because she loved to take photographs and share stories of the rural people. It was something most people had neglected but people started to notice and appreciate her work and she was able to change the lives of many people who live in rural communities through her photographs.
  • Create relationships not based on money

       Creating relationships with people that isn’t based on money is very important, although money is quite essential in developing one’s career, money isn’t everything. This gives you more advantage; it brings people closer and makes them confide in you. Like someone said money can’t buy relationships in your business or in developing your career which is the most important thing you need. Yemi Ajala, a very well-known photographer talked about a woman he had taking her photographs for a very long time, he had also given her a couple of free photo sessions and by the time she became wealthier, she still stuck to him even though she could afford famous photographers with better equipment. This was because he had created a relationship with the woman that wasn’t just about the money he got from her. For her it wasn’t about the quality of the pictures, it was about the connections and trust she had for him.

These are a few other things I picked up from the class:
  1. Always ask questions and make research
  2. Know your weaknesses
  3. A lot of things seem ordinary and are neglected by most people, look into such areas and carve opportunities from it
  4. The world is big enough to do your own thing
  5. Be modest and know your priorities.
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