How To Take Care Of Your Hair (Natural Or Not)

       Natural hair this, natural hair that! Although I envy people who have natural hair, I am quite contented with my hair not being natural. As you all know now I have a YouTube obsession. I realized most of the hair tutorials on YouTube are for natural hair. For someone who doesn’t have a natural hair I also want to know how to take care of my hair, so I did a couple of research and here we are. These are a few tips on how to take care of your hair both natural and non-natural hair. I would like to say that we all have different types of hair and these are tips that have worked for me and will work for most people and also one thing to note about hair treatment is some things that seem wrong actually work, so you have to be open to trying new things.

  • Regular washing not every day washing
     Some people wash their hair every time they take their bath or get a chance to wash it. This is wrong because it leads to loss of hair. You don’t want to not wash your hair at all, you just have keep a little distance between the last time you washed it and the next time you are going to be washing it. It could be like 3 or 4 days distance as long as you do not wash it every day.
  • Avoid using hot water to wash your hair
     I used to do this because I thought it just made sense to wash my hair with hot water, turns out it doesn’t. Using hot water worsens the condition of your hair. It makes your hair dry out and then it starts to tangle which leads to breakage. What you need is cool water that won’t make your hair dry out or use warm water to wash you hair to remove dirt and product build up then use hot water to seal up your conditioner.
  •  Trim your hair from time to time
      This is very important, although this might not seem like something you should be doing. Trimming your hair makes it grow. Your hair won’t grow unless you cut it. You cut it a little and it keeps on growing back. At first I did not like to do this because I was trying to grow my hair why would I still be cutting it, but now have gotten used to cutting it a little bit and this doesn’t only make it grow, it also helps to make the length of your hair even.
  • Avoid tight hair bands
      This particular one I don’t think I would ever obey because most of the time my hair is packed up and I love my pony tail tight but apparently this is wrong using tight hair bands leads to hair breakage due to brittle hair and you are not supposed to tie your hair too tight because this is basically putting too much pressure on your scalp and has a bad effect on your hair
  • Conditioning your hair
     Conditioning your hair is also very important, it makes your hair soft and makes it easy for you to comb through it especially for people with really strong hair. You should condition your hair from time to time to remove dirt and cleanse your hair.
  •  Use protection for your hair
    You can always get your preferred hair treatment just to make sure you are taking care of your hair there are several creams and oil that you can use in treating your hair. Using a heat protectant is important for times when you are blow drying or straightening your hair so your hair is able to absorb the heat and not break out from it. You can also use protectant before dyeing your hair or putting any chemical in your hair.

Your hair is like your skin and you have to be careful because using the wrong products for your skin will affect it, this is the same for your hair the wrong product weakens your hair and once it is affected it gets worse until you can find a proper treatment for it. Another good tip is to tie your hair with a satin or silk piece to avoid breakage. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to like, share and comment.



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