Eye-Wear Trends Approved By Pop-Culture

        If there is one thing Pop Culture can’t get enough of, it would be sunglasses. After just a few months into 2018, I have been able to witness the coolest trends of sunglasses and I am truly grateful even though I can’t afford most of them, I am very contented with seeing it on people who can. Gigi and Bella Hadid are two pop culture QUEENS to look out for when it comes to trendy sunglasses; they both have a thing for rocking the most outrageously extra sunglasses and SLAYING the game.

 It’s spring/summer now and this indicates that summer is quietly knocking on the door and most of us can’t just wait for summer. The arrival of summer means a lot of things; you need to start getting your summer body ready which is like the most important of all, you need some new bikinis, maybe a few clothes and SUNGLASSES. Sunglasses are so important for summer especially now that there are so many trendy cool sunglasses everywhere. How could you not get one or more? If you are like me you are already getting all the summer necessities done except the whole summer body part, summer body here in Nigeria is underrated and I have come to the conclusion that exercising isn’t really my thing.

    The sunglasses made this year have to be the best have seen and technically have seen a lot, I used to be so obsessed with the aviator sunglasses which may or may not have gone out of style because some people still dig it, but this year we don’t have to be in love with one when there are so many in different shapes, sizes, frames and colors with most of them having you look like a FASHIONISTA from the 80s, the truth is ‘’you either go big or go home’’ for the first time in many months I actually don’t mind breaking the bank to get a few because how could I not?

#Round and Small Frames
Photo by Godisable Jacob

#Half Framed Sunglasses
Photo by Godisable Jacob

#The Curt Cobain Sunglasses
Photo by Godisable Jacob

#Cat-Eye Frames

#Multi-Colored Frames
Photo by Godisable Jacob

#Matrix-Inspired Sunglasses
image: Harper Bazaar

#Candy-Colored Sunglasses
Photo by: Nappy and Tri Hua

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