The Ramadan month is gradually coming to an end and some of us would like to receive gifts from our families and friends. You might be wondering why giving people gifts for Eid is even necessary but it is, it could be a way of encouraging your children to fast another year, it could be a way of thanking your wife for cooking for you through the fasting if that is how it works for you both. It is just a way to show people you love and appreciate

them. Here’s a list of gift you could give or receive this year’s Eid.

  •  Intimate gifts
        These are the gifts you could give to your family or friend basically people that are very close to you, your parents, siblings, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or people you live with. This could be scents,necklace, wristwatch, bracelet, earrings and so on.
  •  Islamic gifts
       These are gifts that have a thing or two to do with Islam. You could give these types of gifts to someone you don’t know so well, maybe someone from your mosque that you pray together, your imam or someone you think who love Islamic gifts. This could be a Quran, praying mat, an Islamic book, a cup with Islamic quotes, Hijab, Scarfs for praying and so on.
  •  Food
        I am hundred percent in support of these type of gift, if have been fasting for 30 or 29 days of course I want food. You could take your children out to eat on Eid, you could bring food to a friend’s house, and you can also bring a bunch of fruits just in case the food is a lot of work. A lot of people that are like me would want this particular type of gift because Food is always the best.

Thank you very much for reading.
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