4 Celebrity Makeup Tips And What We Think

     Rihanna just had to turn our heads by doing that makeup tutorial with Vogue and she definitely had a lot to say but of course she gave out several makeup tips that I thought were useful, so I decided to go on a hunt for celebrity makeup tips and this means I had to watch several makeup tutorials and in the end picked 4 I thought people could relate to.

She said, ‘’Contour your face for your face and not how youtubers do it”
This is so true because a lot of us after watching youtube makeup tutorial feel like we have to do our makeup exactly how it they do it. I know this because I am guilty. I used to do my contour exactly how my favorite youtuber used to and it always looked weird so I thought I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t doing it wrong and you are not either, contour has to be done for your face and the person doing the makeup tutorial might not have the same face as you do. You have to find what works for your face.

She puts very little and almost invincible foundation to avoid a cakey makeup.
Although this is a good tip, this doesn’t work for everyone. There are so many ways to prevent a cakey makeup, there’s face primer, powder, setting powder and so many others. You don’t have to look like you are mincing your foundation. Foundation is an all-rounder; it is the base of your makeup. It is supposed to help absorb every other product. Kendall has a flawless face and uses a very pricy and high quality foundation so using a little might be enough for her, but for someone like me i am dark skinned and the colour of my face changes a little from time to time which means sometimes my foundation is a little bit darker or lighter than my face and when this happens I need to apply enough foundation all over my face or I will look like half of my face got wiped off. So Kendall we don’t really know about this.

Apply eyeliner with your eyes open 

If you haven’t been doing this, I suggest you try it especially if you use liquid eye-liners. Closing your eye while applying liquid eyeliner might ruin your makeup. This has happened to me before, I closed my eyes and the eyeliner enters in my eye and my eye turns all black, it was very scary and I thought I was going to lose my eye, it wears off after a minute but the experience is bad. Besides that applying eyeliner with your eyes open lets you know what direction your wing is going and avoid making mistakes especially when you are like me and can’t still have a perfect eyeliner no matter what.

Shay Mitchell
She uses white mascara before black mascara
The white mascara serves as a primer and it is just getting your eyelashes ready for your actual mascara. This is a very good tip especially when you are not someone who likes artificial eyelashes. Using white mascara makes your eyelashes longer and thick. `

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