3 Reasons Why You Need An Ankara Corset

“If there is one thing you should be adding to your spring/summer collection it should be an Ankara corset and here is why.”

Corsets were everywhere last year, it is almost easy to let it go this year, but a corset is an exceptional fashion piece however as exceptional as a corset is, there’s only so much you can do with the cinched-waist trend. If you think of new creative ways to pair a corset with an outfit, it might turn out amazing most of the time, but personally I have like 5 corsets, they all look alike and add very similar effects to my outfits, I feel like getting a much more expensive corset with fancy design wouldn’t change a thing, basically it would just be more of the same and if am being honest we all want something different. These are three reasons why getting an Ankara corset isn’t such a bad idea.

#1 new designs and patterns
      As a person who is always scouting for new trends, Ankara corsets have now become my thing and I hope it becomes yours too. With Ankara you get new patterns and unlimited designs and the way a cloth looks is shaped by the unique character of the fabric. At a point every it-girl wanted to wear a corset; we have seen it on celebrities, street style stars, and bloggers but now it just really feels like it is getting old. The good thing about Ankara is even if it has the same style as long as it has a different design and pattern; it always feels like something entirely different and this is as a result of the wide range of unique patterns and designs.

#2 fusions of colours
       An Ankara corset is an easy way to jump-start your wardrobe for the season. Whether you are in a country where its spring already or in a country like mine where it’s dry season either ways there is no holding back on colour. Although I would like to say that I love a regular black and white or brown corset depending on my mood and I know a lot of people do too, but Ankara most of the time has 2 to 3 colours accurately put together in one fabric and there is no better way to revive your closet after the winter or harmattan season than adding mood lifting colourful Ankara corsets to your collection. It also helps to add colours to your outfits during the dreary winter.

#3 Corsets, not lingerie
       Corsets have been in the fashion industry for a very long time, and the return is something that was bound to happen. The return of the trend as a modern classic led to the trend of wearing lingerie corsets has the main thing and it became a uniform because everyone was wearing it and am talking people who always make a statement in the fashion industry, people like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian basically people who create their own trends. For someone who wants a corset that does not look like lingerie but is still sexy, brings out your curves, looks vibrant and colourful, or someone who wants something different from the usual, Ankara corsets are major fashion statement pieces and most importantly there are varieties to choose from; or if you are someone who likes Ankara so much and would like to add every Ankara piece you can find to closet like me, the Ankara corset is definitely for you.

      This might be way too much talk for a corset, but every fashion piece in the fashion industry is worth a lot of talk and so is an Ankara corset, on that note you can easily order your Ankara corset here, we have a couple of Ankara corsets you would love.

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