Art Of Power Dressing For Modern Men

Art Of Power Dressing For Modern Men

The concept of power dressing feels obsolete in this day and age, some would argue that the new generation power dressing is wearing what one wants. We’re so rich and important that no one is going to question us on it, but respect won’t be given either.

If we actively wear bad clothes what does that say about us?

True power dressing is a oh showing, demonstrating mastery and artistry, not flaunting wealth. It’s showing that one knows how to play by the rules and bend to a will. It’s idea of what’s appropriate; not putting clothes together like a teenager when one is expected to be the boss. Knowledge is power they say.

However I’d be sharing few secrets to Power Dressing that I gathered.
• Weight Don’t Matter; The weight of your outfit doesn’t matter has designers use lighter wool for every weather.
• Steal Style; There’s absolutely no shame in trying out a style seen on the Tv or in a magazine, be it your favourite power-dressing celeb, an influential fashion mogul or a neighbor who knows exactly how to pull off that patterned shirt, empower yourself, steal the style and take it to the street.
  •Focus On Colour Wheel; There’s enough room for experiment and add dash of if you’re bold enough. Though black probably defines the larger part of the colour wheel.
If you can manage to pull off different colours seamlessly, it can certainly add personality and charm to your look
 •Get The Right Fit; A right sum of fit, cut, shade, styling and attitude sums up the core rule of power dressing.
Walk Tall; Never underestimate the power of confidence when it comes to fashion and styling, A great way to appear more poised is to wear a comfortable outfit and walk tall in a pair of classic shoe.

Power dressing is not just for your colleagues and friends, It’d probably help you impress anyone you have your eyes on. but clothes will only do less, also wear the right attitude; to look like a million bucks you on the street to get.

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