Ankara in the modern day

Credit: Waweru Nelson

2020 did not turn out how we necessarily intended it to but I believe we are grateful that there has been an ease in terms of movement and also the opportunity to flaunt a number of African prints either for ‘owanbe’ or usual Sunday outfits.

Growing up in Nigeria exposed and gave me a deeper appreciation of the uniqueness of African prints. The style, colors, and patterns are endless. You’ll also find that many of these patterns hold cultural significance from the area(s) they originated from. Some African print fabrics include ankara, kitenge, and kente but for this post we would be describing the ANKARA African print.

For more than 6 months in the year, we are usually stuck wearing layers of thick fall/winter pieces. Come summer, there’s the need for change as regards my summer styles and then some heavy rotation is needed.

“I was on my usual internet surf and I stumbled upon this vibrant ankara African print Jump suit. Everything about this ankara outfit spoke to me, so I bought it. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten stopped by strangers asking about how they can get this lovely ankara piece”. These were Dorris’s specific words when she was giving her review on the Patterned yellow & white jumpsuit

What the African print brings to the table is a display of vitality, boldness and freshness – a unique mix of characteristics that are often lacking in global fashion trends. There is now the versatility of wearing Ankara designs to certain places without getting referred to as “too local.”

With the latest fashionable designs, we’re seeing a nice fusion of traditional African and western styles. See below a number of Ankara modern and trendy styles you can also adopt for various occasions.

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Ankara in the modern day

2020 did not turn out how we necessarily intended it to but I believe we are grateful that there has been an ease in terms

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