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An ultimate guide to wearing wristwatch

Maybe you don’t feel like wearing a wristwatch? Know that you use a watch to indicate the time or as a status symbol.

But the truth is, knowing how to wear a watch with your clothes properly can make a big difference to your overall style.

However, you may think you can wear the same wristwatch with other clothing, but we’re telling you the etiquette dictates the opposite as it is clear that a watch that matches the outfit and any event separates men from children.

The wristwatch is also the first thing people notice about you sometimes, so a watch tells a lot about your drive and style besides telling the time.

Knowing how to wear a watch in style is imperative, whether it’s a top-notch Swiss watch like Rolex or an inexpensive watch like Seiko.

We will reveal everything you have to know regarding wearing a wristwatch to best complement your style.

How to wear a wristwatch

Choosing the right wrist

After humankind’s initial counting of time, man has tried to define the correct way to wear a watch.

This rule, according to tradition, is to use it on the non-dominant hand—the left hand for those who use the right and vice versa for left-handers.

But we are in 2021 and as people evolve, so does fashion, so carrying it in both hands is reasonable.

Go even further and use it in reverse if it makes it easier to tell the time: engineers and the military use this style to make it easier to use their hands constantly.

Combine all accessories

When you have a watch, all your accessories must follow accordingly.

Possessing a brown leather strap with black shoes and a black belt is reckless and slightly tacky.

Instead, keep an eye on it and combine your metals; If you use gold, maintain the outlook with silver and other valuable metals.

The same thing goes for your watch straps too, but especially for watches with interchangeable straps. If there is a black belt and black shoes, choose the black leather strap as well.

Choose the best style

Several watches have different vibes, just like your group of friends.

Don’t invite your weird friend to many everyday things, and don’t wear a misplaced watch unless you want to stop being invited.

Instead, choose them carefully based on the occasion and let your watch guide you through the situations at hand.

Below, we delve into the most common watch styles, how to wear them, and where.

How to wear different styles of watches

Dress watches

If a watch is an absolute necessity, a watch that dominates all other watches, the dress watch is the right one.

Usually crafted from elegant metals and meticulously designed to serve the greater good of aesthetics, elegant watches always look amazing.

The Rolex Oyster and Hermes H hour are top choices for a premium watch. Both feature simple analogue dials to read the time, with metal housings for added security.

These types of watches are suitable for making impressions such as:

  • Job
  • interviews Salary negotiation
  • Weddings Business
  • lunches
  • Presentations

They can also work in business casual clothes or not so formal clothes.

Sports Watches

These types of watches are energetic beasts designed to keep up with you.

Watches like the Garmin Instinct Solar Sport are integrated with a pedometer and even a heart rate monitor so you can track your hustle and bustle.

Typically with durable metal or plastic casings and adjustable straps, larger watches are not designed to fit well under a sleeve.

They are not terrible looking watches, just a different aesthetic that more lends to casual wear and outdoor activities.

They may also feature bright colours here and there that are not appropriate for formal wear.

These are great for:

  • camping moving
  • casual dining with your loved one
  • parties running
  • errands

Training may not work everywhere, but they are not ugly in any way and can be combined with a variety of adaptations.

But if you use a watch like G-Shock to feast with your boss, you’re like David Spade trying to be a serious, actor ungodly and tacky.

Digital Watches

The ugly sibling of the watch group, digital watches are a more relaxed watch option, benefiting the casual runner more than the CEO.

They are typically built of durable plastic and have dials that display the time digitally instead of the hands-on face of regular watches.

They also tend to have more colours than other watches, which makes them more fun than serious.

Watch faces also tend to be larger than other watches and are sometimes equipped with a keyboard, making them quite large.

They are not made for a wedding. These watches are perfect for:

  • Running errands
  • School
  • Office work
  • Casual wear
  • Being quirky and looking original


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