5 Must-Haves For Summer

5 Must-Haves For Summer

In kicking off our summer must-have, I would like to be a little selfish and talk about myself just a tiny bit. You know how having a summer body is so important, Yass! I have got my summer body and I feel so good about this, I want to show off (bikini kind of thing) but its freezing cold so I guess that’s a NO! All have been doing is eating and sleeping a lot, doing basic exercises and it appears to be working for me. Anyways, now that have kicked the summer body part of the list, here’s a few other summer must-have for every girl.


   For summer you have got to have as much sunglasses as possible and for this summer we are going all the way out with the vintage sunglasses, it’s literally everywhere and we love it. I have ordered a few from eBay and it is so inexpensive and cool. For tips on which sunglasses to get click here.

Straw bag:

 If you have read our article on basket bag then you already know about my love for basket bags. It’s unique, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all very cheap, you don’t have to break the bank for this beauty.


 I have constantly found myself on every website I normally buy things looking for sneakers and this is because I would be going to a lot of places this summer and I feel the need to get a pair or two pairs of sneakers mainly because it is comfortable to work around in sneakers than heels. For me now, heels are a nighttime thing so you would catch me wearing sneakers in daylight. I can’t say the same for everyone but I know summer is all about going places, looking fly and wearing sneakers to most places where you have to walk around is a damn good idea.

Mini bags:

This is also for comfort and style; you don’t want to go around carrying your big bags, which is like not even in vogue anymore. What you want to do this carry those small little cute mini bags everywhere this summer, just don’t say it was me when the bank is all broken, because just like you am about to order a few.

Killer Bikini:

Hello! Would it even be a summer must-have series without the bikini part? Of course not! Like I said earlier this year we are going all the way this time in killer bikinis (I don’t even know why I call it that). A little tip: Aliexpress has extra cool bikinis (am talking Kylie Jenner type of bikinis) at a very affordable price.

                         What are your summer must-haves?
                                     Xo Tundun

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