4 Luxurious Must-Haves For Every Girl Right Now

4 Luxurious Must-Haves For Every Girl Right Now

First of all, please do not attempt to buy any of these if you don’t have a lot of money to spare. I have always created a list of things to buy when I have money, although people always say it is safer to create your list after you get the money but creating a list or having a plan before the money comes works well for me so I always know what I want to use any money coming in for.

However, this is an entirely different thing because I don’t have a luxurious list created personally for myself, I don’t know when am going to be rich but I know there is a feeling that comes with buying something new and expensive for yourself like eating good food or going on vacation to a boujee island. The feeling is refreshing and since we can’t get enough of that feeling I have created a list of expensive things you need to buy right now.

  • Diamond Earrings

Nothing screams boujee or Luxury like a pair of diamond earrings. The price of diamond earrings ranges from about 5000 dollars to about 70, 000 dollars and more depending on the diamond carat, you can never go wrong with this BLING, wearing this might as well make you the FLASH.

•Hermes bag

Out of all expensive bags, I personally adore Hermes bags, it represents class and quality. The Kelly Hermes bag has been chosen out of all Hermes bag because of how outstanding it is, Kelly is definitely one of the most beautiful bags ever with a price that is just as beautiful. The Kelly bag is worth (drumrolls please) a total sum of 2,000,000 dollars.

  • Patek Philippe wrist watch

This is the 18 carat rose gold diamonds ladies watch and it is worth more than 20, 000 dollars. I love wristwatches and when am rich I would definitely buy the most expensive wristwatches I can find, on that note the price of this wrist watch makes me feel bad for thinking twice about the apple series watch which is only about 300 dollars.

•Leather Coat

There’s no complete lifetime closet without a leather Coat. Leather coats last very long due to the amount of handwork and also the quality of leather used. A leather coat will stay with you for a lifetime if you want because they never go out of style. This is a Calvin Clein trench leather coat and it cost 3,398 dollars.

which one of these luxurious items would you like to get?

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