3 Tips To Improve Your Power Dressing Skills

3 Tips To Improve Your Power Dressing Skills

Power dressing has been around for a very long time and it is gradually becoming ‘’the thing’’ we constantly see on runways these days. Although, some people think of fashion as just a mere thing, majorly an individual’s personal style or how clothes are being worn and made. You might have heard this before but Fashion is a lot more than that and here’s why. Fashion for a long time has been a way or means of representing oneself, this can be seen in the idea of power dressing. Power dressing is seen as a representation of the movement for women empowerment and struggle against women marginalization in acquiring political positions. The 70s was the era of power dressing, whereby women replaced peasant dresses, floral patterns with suits, pant trousers, pencil skirt and the likes. The transition was very important because women had little or no roles in Politics and were seen as inferior to men, mimicking the way men dressed was symbolic in such a way that this new way of dressing was to symbolize the equality between men and women.

  • Victoria’s power dressing is EFFORTLESS

Power dressing is always effortless; basically you are supposed to look like you are not even trying. Victoria Beckam has a way of power dressing that makes it look like she didn’t put in too much effort but she still looks amazing.

  • Wear those HEELS

We all love feeling comfortable but at the same time we can all agree that wearing heels gives you some kind of confidence you can’t get with your slip-on, there’s a change in the way you walk and even the way your body moves. Heels make you look confident and that’s all power dressing is about.

  • SUIT up

Nothing says Power Dressing as much as suits when I say suit up I don’t necessarily mean the basics like wearing pencil skirt and some suit jacket, I mean those sexy feminine pants that compliments your figure and throw that amazing blazer waiting to be worn in your closet.

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