Official Fall Essentials From Us

Fall is officially upon us, even though here in Nigeria we don’t have fall as a season of the year, I like to act like we do so I can buy many things I want and would have needed if I lived in such countries. It is also an opportunity to check things of my list but more importantly preparing other people for the seasons we don’t have here is like therapy for me and I also think it is important that you know that all of the things I have put together aren’t only for the fall, you need these for the rest of the year. Just know when I tell you, you need something you absolutely do so here are some fall essentials that will be necessary for you throughout the fall season and the entire year.

  • You need coats because everything about coats just screams fall!• What is the fall season with no stripes?
  • The fall season is the denim season
  • All the simple accessories you can think of
  • Out with the sneakers, In with the Boots.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you would be getting for Fall

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